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I’ve done many different programs in the past but this work is so much deeper. It has allowed me to extend greater love and to understand the unique empowerment of each of our negative emotions. This program guided me to be more honest with myself, which directly impacts me being able to support others in more empowering ways. I encourage anyone who desires their own deep transformation or wants to provide deep transformation to others to take this opportunity!


I have increased my own coaching business by 50% in both the number of clients and my coaching fees.  I feel confident in my abilities to ask because I have seen the transformation that emotional empowerment coaching has made in my life and the lives of my clients.  I started working with Michelle with a great deal of limiting beliefs around money. The IIEE curriculum, support team and my own awareness continues to shift my perspective and teaches me to allow abundance from a place of love and acceptance, not the old paradigm of fear and lack.

I’m delighted that I finally trusted my inner voice, and chose to invest in myself and my business.

Susie Raymond

Taking the Emotional Empowerment Training has been a game changer for me. Taking the classes through the IIEE website has been easy, with the ability to work through a lesson at my convenience. Going through the process, that I will also guide others through, has helped me remember and learn even more about myself, and my Higher Self. Though I have done many years of inner work, this process of Feel Every Emotion as Love, has brought me even more insight and clarity in how to stay in alignment with what my soul desires in this life. Learning the language of emotions, and how to experience all of them from an empowered perspective, has been enlightening. I know this process will continue to help me grow and expand my essence, making it more present in every aspect of my life. I also look forward to sharing this knowledge with my clients.

Deb Testimonial 200×200

Emotional Empowerment Certification was exactly what I was looking for to define the kind of work I wanted to do to help others. Until I got into this training, it was difficult for me to define what it is that I wanted to do. The trainings are spot on to help me empower all types of people to reach the passion inside of them. I highly recommend this certification to anyone who truly wants to help others!!

Glenn Derby

I can honestly say that since I’ve been working on the Emotional Empowerment Certification Training program, I am sincerely learning to LOVE myself and understand at a deep level why I am lovable. I’ve always “loved others/and the greater good but I’ve not been successful because I wasn’t coming from “self love!” Now, I intend to utilize this training to enhance my biofeedback business with this powerful and transformational process, as an Emotional Empowerment Coach. I am so thrilled I invested in myself because in doing so, I can now be of greater service to others!

Nancy Ferre


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Michelle Bersell, Founder of IIEE

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