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“The self-confidence, growth, self-trust, awareness and connection to myself has created huge breakthroughs both personally and professionally.”

Initially my goal with IIEE was personally, but I utilize the work of IIEE in my practice everyday to support my clients in many ways. The work with the IIEE program is so rewarding. It really helped me to get clear with the “stories” that I had been unconsciously telling myself and living by all my life. This has allowed me see through client’s “stories” and ask them the questions to help mirror back to them what has kept them stuck and limited. The self-confidence, growth, self-trust, awareness and connection to myself has created huge breakthroughs, both personally and professionally. Getting certified in Emotional Empowerment has also helped me to step out of my comfort zone professionally and help me grow my practice. I highly recommend everyone to do the work of IIEE. It will change your life in so many ways; relationships, personally and professionally. There are just so many aspects that the tools of IIEE will reach and benefit from. I would also say for for couples or parents, this is a MUST, in order to gain the tools for communicating and creating true connection.

Sara M Headshot

“From feeling different, less than, & alone to finding comfort, steadiness, & grounding has been an invaluable experience!”

I have struggled with feelings of being different, less than, and alone my entire life.  To have the opportunity to feel that I am in the right place with others of like mind, in fact, other’s speaking the same language as me has been an invaluable experience.  I know that on a deep level there is a new sense of comfort, steadiness, and grounding. Having the opportunity to join live classes has definitely helped me to know what my next steps are in moving my business forward.  Michelle does a terrific job of weaving together curriculum material and practical how to steps, so that you can immediately and more easily implement what you’ve learned.   I am thrilled to see how this will impact my life as I go out and create my vision!  Steph Carlson

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“I realized, you get what you tolerate, which was BIG for me!”

While I was already a health coach and had training on emotions, I wanted to explore the areas where I felt somewhat stuck and get support in finding more why things were not happening for me. I realized, you get what you tolerate, which was BIG for me. I have learned the role the Ego and shame themes have played in my life and how to connect all the dots based on past and current experiences. I now have all the empowering tools within me to reach my vision and live a fulfilling life. This work has such an impact on people’s lives -I’m so excited to be guiding others through their own empowered journey!

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“I knew deep down I needed this program and my life has changed dramatically for the better!”

As a health coach, I was looking for greater clarity within my own life and as a coach. With IIEE what I learned first and foremost was to STOP tolerating what does not serve me. Through this process I also learned to trust myself. Most significant to my coaching has been learning the Emotional Empowerment process, which teaches you REAL coaching! I so appreciate that Michelle kept believing in me when I struggled to show up for myself. I knew deep down I needed this program and my life has changed dramatically for the better and it is only going to improve from here on out – THANK YOU!

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“I feel more at peace with myself than I ever believed possible!”

The Emotional Empowerment Certification Process has been a very profound road of discovery into the depths of my being. The unmasking of occurrences that have long been forgotten but still take their toll on our daily lives has lead to some profound discoveries.  Learning how to almost be a detective into exploring the past, the pain and our feelings and bringing them to light is so captivating. I feel more at peace with myself than I ever believed possible. I now know that I can FEEL (Feel Every Emotion as Love) my way through life. I used to try to control my life so that I don’t have to “feel” pain. Now I know I will get through any pain because my emotions will be there to guide me to make the best decisions & the best choices for me to live my best life. I have learned both personally and professionally that I am not responsible for everything and that I don’t have to make everything right for everyone. I am not certain if I was a people pleaser for the reasons that most become but I was certainly always trying to keep the peace by making others happy. This may seem like a sweet, nice characteristic to have, but it can be devastating in the long term to everyone including myself. I have learned to let others make their own mistakes and not try to be the fixer of everything. I have finally learned to let go. This training has given me so much freedom both personally and professionally! I am excited to help others find the joy again in their lives. I am thrilled to support them to find their inner child that is lost within but still wants and needs a voice in their world. I am honored to help others find peace and love in their life using their emotions as their guiding light to explore on their journey forward, and for myself to do the same. Life can be so beautiful when we actually are present to FEEL everything we are living – it is a simple as that!

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“I didn’t realize how much I was afraid to truly be myself and let myself be seen for who I really am.”

Becoming certified in Emotional Empowerment has been life changing, it really has!  I am finally able to live my life for me and not for everyone else. I now feel like I am on the other side, where I always wanted to be. I am also able to recognize my feelings and help them guide me to where I need to go, instead of getting stuck and doing the same thing over and over. I have to say what I am most excited about is living life from my truth. I didn’t realize how much I was afraid to truly be myself and let me be seen for who I really am. This work has been such an amazing experience and I am beyond grateful for all of it. I have now left the ER nursing world and have my own health coaching practice where I get to share my passion with others. I continue to use this information from IIEE with clients as well as with myself as I continue to grow and expand.


“This training is invaluable to me!”

The Emotional Empowerment Certification Training has been instrumental to significant growth and notable evolution in all areas of my life. I approach risk, challenge, opportunity, leadership, clients and success from a completely different perspectives today. The training provided tools to develop new means and new outcomes be it parenting, marriage, friends or professional situations. I find that I use the insights in every interaction. It becomes a part of you. The awakening and the tools allow me to live in greater alignment with my ideal. This training is invaluable to me.”


“I believe in myself more and that has made a direct impact on increasing my income!”

Learning Emotional Empowerment has taught me to accept the parts of me that I have disowned. I’ve finally learned what it is like to have my back, share my truth, feel better about myself as I step into situations that I would have normally shielded away from, as I didn’t like conflict. As a result, I believe in myself more and that has made a direct impact on increasing my income! This training is the BEST!

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“Prior to certification ending, I have my first 2 coaching clients!”

Getting certified in Emotional Empowerment has finally given me the confidence to share my gifts with others and step into my deeper purpose.  The program has deepened my self-trust, which has allowed me to break free of the golden handcuffs of the corporate world and start my own coaching business!  I’m thrilled to say, even prior to the certification program ending, I have my first two Emotional Empowerment coaching clients!  The work I have done on my emotional self has been life-changing, guiding me to deeply know that I am enough and have always been enough, and that it’s okay to put myself and my needs first instead of on the back burner.  This program continues to evolve my own personal transformation and I am able to serve others in a way I never thought possible prior to experiencing the power of emotional empowerment.


“I am making more money than I was a year ago, stuck in a corporate 9-5 job!”

Journeying through the IIEE program was the biggest tool I’ve had to start living my life with more freedom and fun. It helped me WAKE UP and start expanding to my fullest potential. I was able to identify, recognize and honor all of my excuses and fears about breaking free from expectation and who I should be. This program is a huge gift. Investing in it financially has paid off easily. Not only have I had the courage to start my own business which has been successful, I am also making more money than I was a year ago, stuck in a corporate 9-5 job. I’ve cut through my own BS to start owning my life & it’s awesome! Becoming certified in Emotional Empowerment has been one of the best experiences of my life!!


“I’ve done many different programs in the past but this work is so much deeper.”

I’ve done many different programs in the past but this work is so much deeper. It has allowed me to extend greater love and to understand the unique empowerment of each of our negative emotions. This program guided me to be more honest with myself, which directly impacts me being able to support others in more empowering ways. I encourage anyone who desires their own deep transformation or wants to provide deep transformation to others to take this opportunity!


“Since getting trained in Emotional Empowerment, I have increased my own coaching business by 50%!”

I have increased my own coaching business by 50% in both the number of clients and my coaching fees.  I feel confident in my abilities to ask because I have seen the transformation that emotional empowerment coaching has made in my life and the lives of my clients.  I started working with Michelle with a great deal of limiting beliefs around money. The IIEE curriculum, support team and my own awareness continues to shift my perspective and teaches me to allow abundance from a place of love and acceptance, not the old paradigm of fear and lack. I’m delighted that I finally trusted my inner voice, and chose to invest in myself and my business.”

Susie Raymond

“Taking the Emotional Empowerment Certification Training has been a game changer!”

Taking the Emotional Empowerment Certification Training has been a game changer for me. Going through the process, that I will also guide others through, has helped me remember and learn even more about myself, and my Higher Self. Though I have done many years of inner work, this process of Feel Every Emotion as Love, has brought me even more insight and clarity in how to stay in alignment with what my soul desires in this life. Learning the language of emotions, and how to experience all of them from an empowered perspective, has been enlightening. I know this process will continue to help me grow and expand my essence, making it more present in every aspect of my life. I also look forward to sharing this knowledge with my clients.

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“The trainings are spot on to help me empower all types of people to reach the passion inside of them.”

Emotional Empowerment Certification was exactly what I was looking for to define the kind of work I wanted to do to help others. Until I got into this training, it was difficult for me to define what it is I do. The trainings are spot on to help me empower all types of people to reach the passion inside of them. I highly recommend this certification to anyone who truly wants to help others!!

Glenn Derby

“I have finally learned what it means to LOVE myself!”

I can honestly say that since I’ve been working on the Emotional Empowerment Certification Training program, I have finally learned what it means to LOVE myself and understand at a deep level why I am lovable. I’ve always “loved others/and the greater good but I’ve not been successful because I wasn’t coming from “self love!” Now, I intend to utilize this training to enhance my biofeedback business with this powerful and transformational process, as an Emotional Empowerment Coach. I am so thrilled I invested in myself because in doing so, I can now be of greater service to others!

Nancy Ferre


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