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IIEE Founder Michelle BersellMichelle Bersell, M.A., M.Ed. is the Founder of the International Institute for Emotional Empowerment. Michelle is known as a leading visionary in Emotional Empowerment and the author of F.E.E.L.: Turn Your Negative Feelings Into Your Greatest Allies (selected gift of the 2012 Emmy Awards) and Emotional Abundance (award winning book).

Michelle’s positive and life-affirming approach draws people world-wide who have limited their potential due to inner blocks and/or have felt misunderstood. It is through her unique approach that those she works with finally felt seen, understood, and able to thrive despite internal challenges that previously kept them stuck.

Emotional Empowerment is work that Michelle has developed after more than two decades of interest in understanding our relationship to emotions. After studying traditional clinical psychology, she went on to learn holistic and spiritual approaches to emotional wellbeing. Although helpful and informative, Michelle still felt an integral aspect was missing to our understanding. Through her own internal struggles and desire for more positive feeling out of life, she found a way to heal her relationship with her emotions. Now this work is transforming the way people think and feel about their emotional wellbeing across the globe and within every generation.

Besides media attention in Women’s World magazine, Parents magazine, The Huffington Post, PBS.org and Fox Television, Michelle is featured in the upcoming film documentary GOOD LUCK: When Preparation meets Opportunity.

Over the thousands of hours she has logged, she has coached others on emotional empowerment over common challenges of anxiety, depression, anger and guilt, when other modalities did not work for them. She has also mentored experts, leaders, and coaches to integrate the missing element of empowered understanding of their emotion and in doing amplified their gift/impact in the world. Additionally, the non-profit, National Resiliency Institute, has partnered with Michelle to include her E3™(Emotional Empowerment Education) within their curriculum to give children and teens the tools necessary to address emotional overwhelm and stress.

Michelle founded the International Institute for Emotional Empowerment in order to positively impact the way people relate to one of the most vital aspects of themselves, their emotions, by shifting their understanding from fear and disempowerment to love and empowerment. The vision of IIEE is to teach those who have been interested in emotion and psychology or have felt themselves to be emotionally sensitive and for them to become the leaders in Emotional Empowerment in the lives of others. In doing so, more lives be positively transformed and, together, we can make a dramatic reduction in the psychotropic drug use in the world.

If you are inspired by the Emotional Empowerment movement and want to learn more about becoming certified go HERE to learn more. Or if you are interested in working with an Emotional Empowerment coach, connect with us now.