The Executive's Guide

to Building Emotional Resilience

Meeting the psychological needs of today's employees is no easy task.  Based on research and interviews from Fortune 500 company leaders, learn what will actually work to move the needle in building an emotionally empowered and resilient workforce.

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The top 3 reasons you need to read this guidebook:

1. Mental health needs & costs continue to rise.
Most companies do not know the best approach to get to the core of stress, burnout, overwhelm, and emotional challenges all at once, which wastes time and money.

2. Mental health needs are connected to your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion efforts.
In order to fully support diverse populations within a company, both the increased psychological burden diverse employees experience and the implicit biases that create tension within company culture must be addressed from an emotional standpoint.

3. Addressing negative emotions is a vital skill set for leaders.
Retaining the best talent will come down to leaders who can balance modeling both empathy and emotional resilience within their team, which many have not been trained how to do so successfully.

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Learn from Fortune 500 companies and other industry leaders on how they are stepping up to the challenge to address stress, burnout, and mental health.

Marc Chini

Chief People Officer of Kohl’s

Silke Muenster

Chief Diversity Officer at Philip Morris International

David Pegorsch

Director of Global Organization Development at Molson Coors

Gary Gordon

CFO of the Shedd Aquarium

Meredith Baciak

Wellness Coordinator at Miron Construction

Michelle Bersell

Psychotherapist and Founder of The International Institute for Emotional Empowerment

Get ahead of your employee's psychological needs by learning a proactive approach to their emotional and mental health.

In this guidebook, you will discover:

  • The impact the pandemic has had on employee mental health
  • The underlying causes to burnout, stress, emotional overwhelm, & mental health challenges
  • A checklist for recognizing burnout
  • The added psychological burden on diverse populations
  • The associated costs
  • How some companies are stepping up to the challenge
  • Interviews from Fortune 500 companies and other industries
  • Why DEI efforts must be linked with skills that address emotional & mental health
  • What is missing that must be addressed to build resilience
  • The Do’s & Dont's to addressing negative emotions at work
  • The 5 crucial steps to build emotional resilience within your workforce

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