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Ask Michelle Bersell

Sara from WA writes:

“Michelle, I’m finding it hard to find happiness because I struggle to forgive myself from the past. Can you give me some steps how I can forgive myself, especially since I am sensitive and tend to be hard on myself?”

Forgiveness is KEY to your happiness Sara!

Being emotionally sensitive makes forgiveness challenging because you tend to not only feel your own pain, but others as well.

Follow these steps below to find forgiveness for yourself:

Step 1:
An Emotionally Sensitive Person’s Guide to Self-Forgiveness: Watch the video below.

Ask Michelle Video

Step 2:
What about the other person? Now that you can see your innocence, ask yourself the following:

1. Was it really all my fault or did the other person/people involved have their own hurts that came out sideways as well?

2. Is there something that the other/s involved can learn and grow from as well?

Step 3:
Free Yourself:

After processing this, you can free yourself by:

1. Asking for forgiveness to other/s involved regarding your part. (You can leave their part out of it!)

2. BONUS: Have gratitude for:

A) What the experience taught you.
B) How it could have been worse but wasn’t.

While gratitude can be extremely difficult, you’ll move more solidly into compassion. The greater compassion you learn for yourself, the less judgmental you will be with yourself and others.

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