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Emotional Empowerment

A proactive approach to address negative feelings before there’s a mental health crisis.

 Training, programs, & keynotes to develop emotional resiliency & well-being in companies, educational institutions, & organizations of all sizes.

The Problem 

Of Employees Are Stressed

Of Students Are Stressed

What Is Stress Exactly?

According to the American Psychological Association, stress is “any uncomfortable emotional experience accompanied by predictable biochemical, physiological and behavioral changes.

The Problem Is…

Due to the lack of tools to directly address the day to day negative feelings, emotions build up turning into mental health challenges.

The Reality Is…

While counseling is vital for mental health challenges, there is not a proactive approach to specifically handle negative feelings that supports building emotional health & resiliency BEFORE there’s a crisis.

The Cost 

Cost to Companies

1 TRILLION In Lost Productivity

Due to depression & anxiety.

2X Increase

Mental health costs rise twice as fast as all other medical expenses.

75% of an Employee’s Salary

is spent on finding their replacement.

#1 Cause of Disability

is depression & will remain that way until at least 2030.

Cost to Universities

1 in 4 Students Dropout

with GPA 3.0<,ending their college career, due to mental health challenges.

55% of Students Academically Struggle

due to emotional & mental difficulties negatively impacting their performance.

60% of Students Drink

alcohol to deal with stress.

1 in 5 Students

experience suicidal thoughts.

The Solution

Address negative feelings directly through an empowered approach that builds empathy and resiliency through The Emotional Empowerment Training.


The Potential Savings 

Companies ROI

Universities ROI

As Seen On:

Emotional Empowerment is personal to me. It was the only solution I found to address my own anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation. Little did I know this process would ultimately spread, helping people all over the world to turn their negative feelings into allies. Read More

Emotional Empowerment teaches:


Why you feel
the way you do

An empowered choice to address your feelings

A healthier relationship with your negative emotions

Less of a Need for Emotional Management
Due to Greater Overall Emotional Well-Being

Contact Michelle to discuss how Emotional Empowerment Training can be integrated into your workplace to build an emotionally empowered and resilient workforce!

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