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Welcome to the International Institute for Emotional Empowerment

Innovative Professional Training and Personal Programs that Create an Empowered Relationship With Emotions

Offerings of The International Institute of Emotional Empowerment

Become an Emotional Empowerment Coach

Receive free training on how the Emotional Empowerment Certification goes beyond thoughts to transform negative feelings, while also learning an empowered, proven process to coach others.

Become Certified in Emotional Empowerment

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Get Mentored in
Emotional Empowerment

Receive free training in the Emotional Empowerment process and learn how to turn your negative feelings into your greatest allies!

Experience the Emotional Empowerment Difference

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Nothing healed my negative feelings – not my degree in clinical psychology, nor my spiritual studies, not even tools that promised to get rid of my feelings worked.  Negative feelings kept coming back and I had no idea why.

That was until I found Emotional Empowerment!  Read on to learn about how I created Emotional Empowerment and how it’s turned into a proven process that has helped people all around the world find a level of inner peace they never felt was possible!

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The IIEE Mission

At IIEE, we believe it is possible to make a positive impact in the world by changing the way we relate to negative emotions.  The IIEE mission is to help reduce the 73% of people who feel stressed due to unprocessed feelings, such as anxiety, sadness, anger and frustration.

Rather than try to get rid of negative feelings, it is time to learn how to utilize this power-filled energy of emotion as an ally, guide, and rocket-fuel to create change. Those who are in the helping professions recognize there is a gap in helping others know exactly what to do with their negative feelings. Finding more ways to sit with feelings, change thinking patterns, or remove feelings isn’t giving people what they need.

The IIEE fills this missing piece in creating true emotional health by empowering people to understand why they feel the way they do and how to utilize this natural energy in a positive, life-affirming manner that empowers individuals. Whether you integrate Emotional Empowerment in your own life or become certified to guide others to experience Emotional Empowerment, you will be a part of a revolutionary movement toward creating true emotional well-being!

Become a part of a leading edge movement in Emotional Empowerment!

Get Mentored or Become Certified in Emotional Empowerment from anywhere in the world to learn the benefits & opportunities of growth present in all emotion

The IIEE is AADP Accredited

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