Courage and Choice

These times are calling for greater courage than ever.

The gift, as you claim more courage is greater personal freedom.

Over the past weekend, as I held the Courage to Be YOU live event, I saw people transform hopelessness and stuck-ness to greater love and power.

How did they step into this?

They did this by doing some deep, deep dives into their subconscious so they could free themselves from chains that have held them back.

Here are some golden nuggets of what they found:

Compassion for self and others:

It is easy to turn to blame when others have mistreated or bullied you.  What takes courage is to see the bully within yourself.  Not to blame yourself, but to understand that anytime in your past when you mistreated someone, it was because of your own fears.  When you have the courage to see the fears of anyone who tries to mistreat you or others, that is how you’ll actually regain power.  As you discuss the matter from a place of fear, can you open yourself enough to relate to someone from that fear-based place.  While your fear may be different, you have an opportunity to connect from your own fears.  Doing so takes compassion and the greatest strength of vulnerability.  Having this courage will dwindle the noise and get to the heart of the matter.  From the heart is where understanding unfolds.

Let go of Convincing:

When you are trying to convince, you are unconsciously looking for approval.  If you don’t have an audience that can withstand a respectful conversation, it is okay to walk away. Your goal is to remain being the model of what you value and act from that place.

Courage is a Choice:

You are given a choice to shed what is no longer working, speak up for what you value, and let go of being liked -DAILY.

Perhaps, what you will decide that you value on Thanksgiving is family and love, over politics.  If this is a decision you make, you can ask your family if they agree.  If so, you can then all choose together to shelve the political talk and find love between one another, even when you disagree.

Inspiration: Highlights of The Courage to Be YOU!

We wept, we played, and ultimately we found more courage than we knew we had!

Even though you couldn’t join us, we invite you to find the same within you.

The world needs your COURAGE!