Emotional Empowerment for Education:

Our biggest opportunity in mental health prevention is guiding our youth to have a healthier
relationship with their negative emotions.

Train your administration, staff, or students in Emotional Empowerment to address everyday negative feelings such as anxiety, sadness, and anger in order to:

Meet the psychological needs of today’s students

Reduce emotional triggers within staff and students

Build greater emotional resilience

What Students and Staff are Saying  

“I teach a nonviolence education curriculum to middle school students in an alternative school in Milwaukee. I had the pleasure of hearing you speak at the Trauma Informed Care conference a few weeks ago. We are looking to help change the culture at our schools and incorporate more trauma informed care interventions and your E3 curriculum is spot-on. Thank you for what you are teaching!”

—Brecken Ashenbrenner, Center for Peacemaking

“I really liked the feel of this presentation. It seemed like an open environment where we were talking on the same level. I really like the empowered approach to deal with negative emotions. I thought it was really cool how you can embrace what is going on in your life instead of trying to reject it.”

—Amanda G, Student

“For anyone working with children or teens, this is a MUST, in order to gain the tools for communicating and creating true connection. Emotional Empowerment is life changing!”

—Sara Mehring, Health Educator

“I really enjoyed this presentation! What a great timing, right before the holidays and finals week. It was very relatable and relevant to what is going on in my life right now. Thank you!”

—Lucy Morrison, College Student

“Thank you very much; I thought this presentation was very clear; very helpful as I work with children and youth in foster care!”

—Angela Carron, Fostering Hope Foundation

“The presentation was very inspiration and related perfectly to my life and current circumstances. It was nice to hear that I’m not alone.”

—Karen Serowka, College Student

“Learning Emotional Empowerment was a major transformation for me, especially my relationship with my 5-year-old daughter. I became more aware of our emotions and learned to utilize the anger and frustration as allies in order to set boundaries and also let myself live with more ease. I sensed that I have found the way to learn about who we really are as a human-being, that I’ve been seeking for whole my life!”

—Yumie Takahashi-Fouquet, Parent, Canada

“This presentation is very empowering. I have been stressed and it made me feel better.”

—Madeline B, Student

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As a former high-school educator in the Chicago Public School system and then later, as a counselor at a university’s wellness center, I learned first-hand the complexity of challenges students are facing. Through these experiences, it was clear that students who had a strong emotional foundation were better able to learn new academic material, as well as navigate future challenges. Emotional Empowerment enhances SEL (Social Emotional Learning) programs and university wellness center offerings by providing participants insight into why specific emotions arise and the behaviors that will decrease those emotional experiences. Having this insight guides students to an empowered approach toward their negative feelings that builds self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-confidence, as well as supports staff on how to navigate their own and others’ emotional experiences.

Ways to Bring Emotional Empowerment to Your Educational Institution:  

Professional Development

Those who are entrusted with the lives of children are simultaneously entrusted with their emotional well-being.  Emotional Empowerment supports educators, administrators, and faculty members to build greater emotional resilience, empathy, and psychological safety in order to have the greatest impact on today’s youth.

Student Workshops & Curriculum

Without giving students understanding for why they feel the way they do, they are often left carrying emotional burdens that has a negative impact on their behaviors.  Emotional Empowerment guides youth, teens, and college students to recognize how negative feelings such as anxiety, sadness, and anger are actually working for them and to learn what actions to take in order to diminish the psychological stress that has weighed them down.

Online Reinforcement Tools

While trainings and workshops provide a foundation for a healthier relationship to negative feelings, reinforcing these tools is what creates change. Organizations can license programs that provide 24/7 access to insight on how to address negative feelings on the spot in order to shift back to an empowered perspective, as well as how to build habits that build greater emotional resilience.

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