How I Changed My Wiring

How I Changed my Wiring

My initial interpretation of the world didn’t serve me well.

Being emotionally sensitive, I had the tendency to take comments (and even other people’s feelings) personally. I thought:

– I am to blame
– I am at fault
– There is something wrong with me

When life didn’t go my way, I may have initially tried to blame others (as a way to temporarily take the pressure off myself). But the blame would just turn around and boomerang right back to me.

woman defending herself with her hands from the boomerang

While I was pretty good at faking happiness, living life that way was exhausting.

Why? Because my thoughts were not congruent with my emotions.

Maybe you can relate….My thoughts wanted good things from life, yet my feelings about myself weren’t that great.


The truth is you can’t b.s. your feelings.

What I mean is, being emotionally sensitive, you can’t just flip a switch and tell yourself you’re happy, when actually internally you aren’t.

In order to make any change you desire to become real,
your thoughts and feelings need to be on the same wavelength.

Your feelings know you, AND they are guiding you to re-wire your story so you can live fully and freely being YOU!

But??? – how do you get your feelings authentically on your side?

That is what I’ll be teaching at The Courage to Be YOU!

What makes The Courage to Be YOU unique is the life-affirming, positive approach to your emotions.

You’ll learn how the parts of your emotional self that frustrate you or you flat out don’t like are actually present for a great reason – once you understand the unique language of your negative feelings.

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