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Episode #1: Why You Feel the Way You Do

There’s a lot of confusion about why you feel the way you do. Is it that you aren’t thinking positively, your diet, because you aren’t exercising, or meditating?

This question, why do I feel the way I do, has been a driving force in my life that I’ve been devoted to understanding.

What I’ve come to find will likely surprise you (as well as the way I came to this understanding).

Press “play” to begin your Emotional Empowerment journey now and learn an easier way to relate to your emotions that will support you to turn your negative feelings into your greatest allies.

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On this first episode of the Emotional Empowerment Podcast, you’ll discover:

  • The staggering statistics that demonstrate why the current approach to mental health isn’t working for many emotionally sensitive or struggling people (ESPs), especially women, and what is working instead.
  • How your negative feelings are meant to work on your behalf.
  • The common misperception emotionally struggling people have about themselves that is completely false.
  • How you can shift your relationship with your emotions to a more positive and empowered approach.
  • What therapists, life and health coaches, and others in the helping professions are saying is missing.
  • How to allow negative emotions to dissolve on their own that has worked for people who previously struggled with anxiety and depression.

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