Episode 11: How to Stand Up to Your & Your Kid’s Inner Bully

When something goes wrong and you are emotionally sensitive, your tendency is to take it really hard and be super critical of yourself. If you have an emotionally sensitive kid, they are doing the same darn thing and they are molding their identity based upon their inner critic’s messages. Thankfully, with the Emotional Empowerment Process, there are 4 simple steps to create greater resiliency when facing life’s disappointments, for yourself and/or your emotionally sensitive kid.

Listen to Episode 11: How to Stand Up to Your & Your Kid’s Inner Bully. 



In this episode, you’ll also discover:

  • The important skill you must learn if you are an ESP.
  • What to do when the outcome turns out differently than you expected.
  • How to address the inner bully that may seem counter-intuitive.
  • What causes your ESP kid not to fully trust you with their feelings.
  • The framework every parent should utilize when dealing with their kids negative feelings.
  • What you kid’s job is as an ESP.



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