Episode 13: Why You Are Mean to Yourself

Did you know that when you put yourself down, you get something out of it? Yep, as weird as it sounds, there’s an internal, unconscious benefit to your inner cruelty. If you’ve been stuck in an area of life or just don’t feel as good as you would like to, you are likely diminishing a vital aspect of yourself that is needed in order to create a change. This is why the advice of “lift yourself up” is nice but insufficient. The tendency is to ignore the “bad” and focus on the “good,” but the reality is you tuck parts of yourself away that are misunderstood. In Episode 13: Why You Are Mean to Yourself, learn what your ego gets out of this negative self-talk that serves you in the short-term but hurts you in the long-term. Then you’ll know what you can do instead that will bring true inner healing and self-recognition and, in doing, so enable yourself to make the changes in your life that matter most to you.



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In episode 13, you’ll also discover:

  • How your negative feelings can lift the veil to see the inner cruelty going on inside of you.
  • Why telling yourself to “think positively” is insufficient to overcome negative self-talk.
  • How to take radical personal responsibility for your inner cruelty.
  • What you get out of putting yourself down.
  • How to reclaim the aspects of yourself you have tucked away and reclaim them with love & compassion.


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