Episode 14: How to Fill the Void with Love

While we are more comfortable than ever talking about negative feelings such as anxiety, depression, guilt and more, what we still avoid discussing is the void. You know, that sense of emptiness that pops up from time to time. It’s hard to admit it even exists. But for many, it’s there, myself included. This void tends to pop up when you are in the midst of change. So rather than run from it, I invite you to go in towards the nothingness within you. What you’ll actually find are the answers you’ve been looking for AND greater self-love.



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In episode 14, you’ll also discover:

  • Signs your self-care routine is a band-aid attempt to cover up the void within you.
  • What you are looking for in relationships that is key to what you must give to yourself.
  • How to be loving to the emptiness within you.
  • Ways your avoidance of the void creates long-term struggles.
  • 3 steps to greater self-love.


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