Episode 16: Access More Ambition!

Being dedicated, persevering through challenges, and going for what you want is one way to define an ambitious person. But sometimes ambition can take a wrong turn and become manipulative or over enthusiastic in a not so great way. This is the duality of ambition and it’s what I am discussing in Episode 16: Access More Ambition. Of course, we are going to do this the Emotional Empowerment way by supporting you to acknowledge and understand the shadow side to ambition within you. Per usual, I use myself as an example so you don’t feel that you are alone with the shadow side of ambition. As you learn to receive the shadow side of ambition from love and compassion, what you are ultimately doing is opening yourself up to the healthiest expression of ambition that will support you to go for your dreams with immense integrity. So if your ambition has been quietly slipping away or you just want to feel more motivated so you can take inspired action towards your dreams, join me to learn how to receive your ambitious self from love and empowerment!



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In this episode you’ll also learn:

  • How to forgive the times you’ve been manipulated by another.
  • Deeper understanding regarding the ways you hold yourself back.
  • Two common ways ignoring the shadow side of ambition creates a negative impact.
  • How to recognize the shadow sides of ambition within yourself and receive it with compassion.
  • What’s underneath the fear of being seen and how to address it.


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