Episode 21: Empowered Disagreements 

No one likes to fight. But when a disagreement happens (& they tend to happen in our most important relationships), there’s an opportunity to create greater emotional intimacy. The key is that disagreements should occur in a way that honors yourself and the other person, PLUS empowers the relationship to grow and evolve. In fact, that’s the whole point as to why you are having the disagreement. There’s a change that needs to occur in our for your relationship to flourish. So rather than avoid conflict at all cost OR keep spinning in the same argument over and over again, listen in to Episode 21: Empowered Disagreements.  


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In this episode you’ll also discover:

  • Why the empowered approach works with in your partner, children, parents and friends.
  • The #1 mistake couples make when they get into a fight.
  • My top 11 guidelines to having an empowered disagreement.
  • The most common problem that you can easily shift when it comes to communication.
  • How to get more of an outcome that you want without blaming or shaming another.


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