Episode 9: Why You Feel Guilty and What To Do About It

Do you crave alone time & more rest? Does the idea of sitting down and reading a book during a weekday (and you didn’t go anywhere for vacation) seem laughable? Do you find it hard to let go of what you are working on because it absolutely must get done? I get it, you are busy. We all are.  But if you answered yes to any of the above, my bet is guilt is at least partially running your life, perhaps a lot of your life. The trick is you may not even know it, because your ego will convince you that pushing yourself to get more done and leaving little to no energy for yourself is the only way to get through life — if you want to have a good life. I promise, your ego has it all wrong, and may in fact, be keeping you away from your very desire. Check out Episode 9: Why You Feel Guilty & What to Do About It, so you can free yourself from this colossal stronghold your ego has on you.



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Plus, when you listen in you’ll discover…

  • How your ego holds you hostage.
  • The equation your ego uses every time to control you & how to create a new equation that works for you instead.
  • How my guilt kept me away from success.
  • The link between guilt and depression.
  • How to stop being your ego’s puppet and cut the strings for good.
  • Why you’ll never find true fulfillment if guilt has a hold of you.



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