Signs You’ve Been Hiding: Quiz

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Directions: Give yourself a point for each attribute below you’ve been experiencing in the last month.


Have You Been Feeling…

____ A knowingness you are meant to share more but are uncertain how to move forward

____ Like you are spinning your wheels

____ Anxiety, sadness, boredom, or frustration (Give yourself 1 point for each that applies)

____ Guilty for wanting more

____ Like you don’t fit in

____ Unimportant

____ Not valued

____ Misunderstood

____ Invisible

____ Unaccomplished

____ Like a fraud pretending to have it together when you don’t feel like that inside

____ Worn out

____ Urges to overly turn to food, alcohol, drugs, exercise, sleep, tv, social media, or shopping to escape/avoid how you internally feel? (Give yourself 1 point for each that applies)

If you responded yes to 10 or more: It’s time for an Emotional Empowerment Make-Over! Get my complementary FEEL training kit here:

If you responded yes to 5-9 attributes: Sounds like you are in the midst of transforming your life. I’d like to support you to speed up that process by checking out my free training for Emotionally Sensitives found here:

If you responded yes to 0-4 attributes: It looks like you are doing a great job living your ideal life. My only suggestion is to make sure there isn’t one aspect of your life that is less than ideal that you are unconsciously tolerating. Check out this blog to help you identify those areas where you may have blinders just to be certain!

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