Symptoms that occur from ignoring your feelings & what to do about it

There are certain symptoms that tend to pop up when you are (unknowingly) ignoring your feelings.  These symptoms most commonly show up as feeling:

  • Unmotivated,
  • Burnt out,
  • Drowning from your to-do list
  • Running a marathon or a hamster wheel you can’t get off

Remember when we use to fear artificial intelligence taking over our lives?  From my lens as a psychotherapist, the real fear is that we ourselves turn into robots, as we lose touch with our real selves, with one another, and with life.

The above symptoms are all a part of the disconnection we are feeling from ourselves.  Without being connected to our emotions, the tendency is to run our lives outside of our own awareness, values, or desires.  In other words, these are the robots we turn into when technology and to-do lists are what are actually running you, rather that you. 

Fortunately, there’s an antidote to the madness or numbness you may be experiencing. The antidote is turning inward rather than more and more away from yourself.

What makes you even more fortunate is that you have a built in system that is supporting you to do just that; your negative emotions.    It’s your negative feelings that are there to tell you when something is off.  They won’t lie to you or sugarcoat what isn’t working because your emotions know that doing so won’t support you to live more freely and authentically from your truth. 

To get there, we have to recognize that how we’ve been taught to understand our negative emotions often comes from a disempowered lens that stirs up our fear.  There is however another side to your negative feelings that are present to empower you with giving you not only an understanding of what needs to change but how to change it.

We often just need practice in learning how to discern between the voice of fear and the voice of your truth. 

So let’s practice by looking at any recent pressures you have been putting on yourself. 

Ask yourself: 

  1. What’s the fear underneath the pressure you are putting on yourself? (Ie..if I fall short, it has a negative impact on my team/organization, could lose my job).  
  2. Is your fear entirely true? What part of your fear has not been proven to be true?
  3. Where are you better off focusing your energy and/or perspective? How can you shift your focus to more of your truth?

If you are uncertain, your negative emotions provide specific guidance to support you.

Next time we connect, I have an exciting way to support you to learn how to reprogram your emotions to support you rather than weigh you down.  I can’t wait to share more!

Until then, keep honoring the goldmine that is within every emotion you experience!