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While the International Institute for Emotional Empowerment (IIEE) has received rave reviews for its previous trainings (see below), founder and psychotherapist Michelle Bersell is on a mission to create an empowered relationship with your emotions. This updated program will support participants in rewiring their disempowered emotional triggers and reinforce a more empowered framework that supports new neural associations with their negative feelings. The result is emotions are processed and emotional triggers diminish, which means there’s less that’s upsetting and more of life to enjoy!

Michelle has previously trained people from all over the United States, Canada, China, Iceland, and Denmark. Furthermore, the IIEE has brought Emotional Empowerment training to employees and leaders of Fortune 500 companies. Below are some of their reviews and feedback.

What leaders are saying about working with the International Institute for Emotional Empowerment  

The Emotional Empowerment course, which was delivered by Michelle Bersell for a Kohl’s director level executive leadership course, was incredibly well received. The leaders were better able to understand the emotional energy they often have to deal with such as anxiety, guilt, frustration and disappointment. As well, they learned to identify triggers to more quickly drive positive behaviors and reinforce positive actions. This course enhanced self-awareness and also provided tools to support individual and team member mental health needs.

Marc Chini, Chief People Officer of Kohl’s

When you get numerous unsolicited emails thanking you and telling you a training has changed their lives, you know that you have brought the right training to meet the needs of your workforce. That has been our experience in working with The International Institute for Emotional Empowerment. In these times you need to focus on the mental health of your workforce so they can come to work as their whole selves. If your goal is to take care of your people’s emotional well-being and mental health, look no further. The insight provided is unique, insightful, and spot-on to address the psychological needs of today’s employee.

Shanan Lazorchak, Human Resources Business Partner at Acelero Learning

From Employees: (Employees have been granted anonymity)

“I want to personally thank you, I have been going through a major life changing event in my life, and flipping the script makes me feel a sense of relief. I have gone to therapy for the last 6 months and haven’t felt the sense of empowerment and sense of calmness and relief that you have given me! You are amazing and so insightful! This is the best training we have had so far!”

“I really enjoyed the information on the defense mechanisms we have that can impact our personal and working relationships. It helped me to see some of my armor that I have up and to really reflect on how I can work through those pieces to become a better and stronger individual and leader.”

“The lesson on anger helped me understand how I react to situations and place blame, all of which has a negative impact on the workplace.  Now that I know better, I can do better.”

“I did learn a lot and hope to use the things that you gave us as tools in my everyday life for home and work. Keep doing a fantastic job!! I would describe this training as very moving. The interaction really helps to understand the everyday feelings that we go through but also breaks them down and gives us ways to deal with them, as we learn what behaviors will elevate our emotions and those behaviors that will help eliminate negative feelings.”

“I believe that this was my favorite training that I have ever done. The training was amazing!  It taught me how to deal with my own behaviors, as well as my students. It will help you break down those behaviors and identify the signals of those behaviors. I love the way that Michelle broke down the indicators of the behaviors. I will be reevaluating how I deal with those behaviors in my classroom as well for personal use.”

“This is really useful Training, its provides many tools and techniques to work with your sadness, anxiety, frustrations, and all kind of negative feelings. I definitely suggest for my coworkers and friends to take this training.”

“This training was on point, engaging and I received lots of valuable information on Emotional Empowerment. I feel truly empowered. Thank you.

“Awesome training, as it is hard to talk about emotions. It was nice to have the honesty and a new take/look on how to view and work with them. The tools provided are helping me to continue to relearn and reprogram my brain in the emotional area. EYE OPENER!”

From Individual Participants:

“I was in denial and fighting the fact that I was struggling to breathe, but knew I could no longer live my life the way that I was living.  I wanted more out of my life and wanted a fulfilling life.  Working with IIEE has given me the chance to view my life and the possibilities differently, and in the way that I have always wanted to view my life.  I’ve learned how to be aware of my feelings and emotions and understand why I’m feeling a specific way, and then how to act upon a specific feeling and emotion.  I’ve learned what success means to me, and I’ve learned what I am passionate about. I am excited to now be designing the life I truly want!”

Megan Matola, Sales Executive

“The Emotional Empowerment Training has been instrumental to significant growth and notable evolution in all areas of my life. I approach risk, challenge, opportunity, leadership, clients and success from a completely different perspectives today. The training provided tools to develop new means and new outcomes be it parenting, marriage, friends or professional situations. I find that I use the insights in every interaction. It becomes a part of you. The awakening and the tools allow me to live in greater alignment with my ideal. This training is invaluable to me.”

Darrell Fischer, Commercial Real Estate

“Michelle’s process allowed me to move forward on an issue that plagued me for 11 years!”

Joan Barice, Physician

“Emotional Empowerment is a game changer.  Though I have done many years of inner work, this process has brought me even more insight and clarity in how to stay in alignment with what my desires in this life. Learning the language of emotions, and how to experience all of them from an empowered perspective, has been enlightening. I know this process will continue to help me grow and expand, making me more present in every aspect of my life. I also look forward to sharing this knowledge with my clients.”

Debra Lynn Hayes, Life Coach


“Learning Emotional Empowerment has taught me to accept the parts of me that I have disowned. I’ve finally learned what it is like to have my back, share my truth, feel better about myself as I step into situations that I would have normally shielded away from, as I didn’t like conflict. As a result, I believe in myself more and that has made a direct impact on increasing my income! This training is the BEST!”

Steve Heller, Real Estate Agent

“Emotional Empowerment has been life changing, it really has! I am finally able to live my life for me and not for everyone else. I now feel like I am on the other side, where I always wanted to be. I am also able to recognize my feelings and help them guide me to where I need to go, instead of getting stuck and doing the same thing over and over. I have to say what I am most excited about is living life from my truth. I didn’t realize how much I was afraid to truly be myself and let me be seen for who I really am. This work has been such an amazing experience and I am beyond grateful for all of it.”

Jamie Kernen, Owner Nourishing Wellness


“Learning Emotional Empowerment has been life-changing, guiding me to deeply know that I am enough and have always been enough, and that it’s okay to put myself and my needs first instead of on the back burner. This program continues to evolve my own personal transformation and I am able to serve others in a way I never thought possible prior to experiencing the power of emotional empowerment.”

Sue Groh, Sales Associate