3 Emotional Empowerment Hacks to Live More On Purpose

3 Emotional Empowerment Hacks

It’s no surprise that people who live out their life’s calling are more fulfilled, at peace, and joyful.But how do you get to the point of actually living a purpose-filled life?

To live out your life’s calling, you have to be willing to listen to your heart. Often times this requires going beyond what logic or your rational mind is telling you to do.

In other words, you’ve got to be in touch with your inner wisdom.

The block to your inner wisdom is fear.

Whether you feel like you:
Already are living your purpose but feel your talents remain hidden, or
Understand broadly what your purpose but want more clarity, or
Don’t have a clue what your purpose is….

Fear is what is getting in the way between you and
your next stage of living out your purpose.

Trust me when I say, fear can be a slippery sucker, because as you evolve and grow closer to living your truth and purpose, your ego also evolves.

When you are clueless about your purpose, like I once was, about why the heck you are here….you’ll be sad. Your ego will sound like: “Why the heck was I born? What is really the point to life? Life is hard.”

When you start to get a clue but can’t seem to pinpoint the next step to take, you’ll feel anxious. You’ll hear the whispers of your heart but your ego will fill you with self-doubt. Your ego will likely sound like: “I can’t really do that. Who do I think I am? What planet am I living on to think that is possible for me? I’ve got all these reasons from the past that tell me to NOT to listen my inner wisdom. No one else believes in me.”

When you know your purpose but you aren’t fully stepping in, you’ll feel frustrated. Your heart deep down knows what you are capable of experiencing if you claim your vision. Yet, your efforts don’t seem to create the end result you’ve dreamed of having. Your ego will stop you from a fear of lack of resources, but will say things to you that don’t make it sound like fear is stopping you. In other words, your ego will convince you to tolerate beliefs in your lack of power by saying: “The timing isn’t right. It just isn’t meant to be. I’ll wait until I have the money or the exact plan.”

Happy Winning WomanDo you notice that at each level of your purpose there is a common thread?
That thread is your negative emotions!!!

Your negative emotions are your signal when you are falling victim to fear!

AND… the empowered version of your negative feelings are offering
a way out of your fear.

When you are clueless about your purpose, your empowered sadness is telling you to give yourself acknowledgment. Recognize within yourself what is good and working in your life. Your personal acknowledgment will become breadcrumbs that lead you to what IS next for you. If you remain unwilling to acknowledge yourself, not only will you remain sad, you will be closed off to seeing the next step that awaits you.

When you desire clarity, your empowered anxiety is asking you to trust in yourself. Others cannot give you what you do not give to yourself first. You must believe in yourself first, despite what others’ opinions are. The more you take steps toward your heart, your anxiety naturally dissipates, and you’ll feel greater joy.

When your purpose continues to remain the best-kept secret, your empowered frustration is guiding you to breakthrough your comfort zone. Actions speak louder than words, and remaining safe will not get you to where you want to go. You are being called to act from your limitless potential, rather than fear and lack.

Learning these emotional empowerment hacks toward your purpose is just the tip of the iceberg.

Your empowered negative feelings are a crucial component to learning to trust yourself. Without self-trust, your purpose can not be fully expressed.

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It’s time to allow your empowered emotions to teach you how to triumph over your ego’s manipulations that have unconsciously kept you in fear.

Here to living BOLDLY from your heart!