5 Signs Your Money Block is Emotionally Based

1. Get triggered by anyone even talking about money.
I used to have a huge judgment against anyone discussing how to be wealthy. It would trigger me to go into a story about this person how they are greedy and just out for the money. That was until I was in so much pain, I had to find someone I trust who healed their relationship with money. If this sounds like you too, unwind your story, as to why you believe it is so difficult to trust another.2. Distrust around money, meaning your ability to make it or keep it.
That is just a story you keep recreating. At one point, everyone starts without the ability to make much money, and then they do breakthrough. So can you!

3. Belief that money comes with an inherent value conflict.
A common one is making more money means you have to sacrifice having a life and money just isn’t that important. (While I know there is evidence of people doing this, there is also evidence of others having a really balanced life, while earning their worth).

4. Guilt.
I shouldn’t want more. I feel guilty asking for money. When this is the case, it will be really hard for your business to survive. Money is only an energy exchange for your service/work.

5. Jealous of others wealth.
I’ll raise my hand that I had this one too! For goodness sakes, I used to have jealousy around a parent being able to buy kids lemonade, while my kids could only have water. Of course, this was all a misperception based upon my own lack story. The good news is you wouldn’t be jealous unless you are able to make the same level of wealth that triggers envy in you!

If any one of the above are true for you, I invite you to fill out my application and see if I can support you to change your money story for good, so you and your biz can thrive!

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