Acknowledge Yourself

How often do you acknowledge yourself and how amazing you are?  

If you are like most people, the answer is very little or not at all.  Heck, you may not even be able to take a compliment.  

If you do acknowledge yourself, it may be for aspects of life that feel fleeting.  This leaves you constantly moving onto the next thing you must accomplish without truly honoring yourself for how you are showing up in life.  

The result with all of these behaviors is that you will feel depleted, empty, or overwhelmed.

You can’t give from an empty tank. So, if your intention is to share love and joy to others over the holidays, it’s time to fill yourself from within with acknowledgment.

Below is a guideline of my top 5 ways to acknowledge yourself, but feel free to add in any other aspects that you would like to recognize yourself.

1) Acknowledge Your Brilliance: There’s something unique about you that makes others’ lives better.  Recognize this within yourself.

2) Acknowledge Your Love:  What you have cared about in your life grows.  Acknowledge yourself for the caring, giving, loving you gave to others, life, and hopefully yourself. 

3) Acknowledge Your Power: Where did you take action, even when it scared you, or continued to move forward, even when the path wasn’t clear?  Acknowledge yourself for ways you showed up courageously.

4) Acknowledge Your Accomplishments: Where did you create an impact?  Why was this impact important to you?

5) Acknowledge Your Wisdom: As you read through this list, it is common for your ego (the voice of your fear) to start balking at the above list of attributes and instead start barking out all the ways you fell short.  This is an old story, a narrative your ego uses to diminish you.  Go ahead and write down the ways your ego was trying to put you down.  Your ego wants to use any ways you fell short to define you as less than, when the truth is you were doing the best you knew how.  The truth is that in whatever way your ego wants to negate you, there’s an example that demonstrates you are the complete opposite.  Forgive yourself for the ways that you fall prey to your ego’s stories.  We all buy into our ego’s lies at times. Recognize how you utilize that story to go along with playing small. Acknowledge your wisdom that is willing to see through these false narratives in order that you can live more fully and freely within your truth.

What would your life look like with you living in greater alignment with your truth?  Utilize your response to navigate the year ahead.  If you do, there’s no need for new year’s resolutions, as your inner fortitude will support you how to show up as the person you are meant to be…imperfectly living your best life, with great intention.  In other words, your ability to acknowledge yourself will strengthen you and support you on your journey.

I honor you for your courage to look within and am grateful we are connected.