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Ask Michelle BersellAre My Emotions Telling Me to Give Up?

Tracy from Oregon writes:

“Michelle, I have been trying to make a living serving others through a modality I am extremely passionate about and know in my heart can support others. The problem is that I have worked extremely hard to get my business off the ground for the past three years. I feel like no matter how hard I work or what I try, nothing is working. I feel extremely frustrated by this and as an emotionally sensitive person, I am wondering if my feelings are telling me I should give up. Please give me clarity on this, I am desperate!”

Oh Tracy! Boy do I know how you are feeling. I struggled with the same darn thing, working harder and harder but still not getting the results I desired.

Your emotions are not meant to be used against you, ever.
Your emotions are present to guide you.

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It is the same with the Universe. The Universe does not give you experiences that are against you, even when experiences aren’t turning out how you would like.

Whatever dream was placed in your heart is there for multiple reasons. First, you have a dream that is specific to you because you ARE capable of achieving it. Second, your dream is a roadmap that is there to teach you how to receive more.

Your emotions are your internal GPS, signaling to you when you are on are off course with your desires.

So rather than just feel your frustration and let it go, your frustration keeps coming back to you for a reason.

The empowered version of frustration is to signal to you that how you are looking at the challenge is not working for you & you are being called to address the challenge from a different approach.

From my experience working with a lot of different types of people toward creating greater success, the solution is not about doing more work or trying harder.

The soul-ution is to emotionally grow into the person who knows you are worthy and deserving of receiving the success you desire.

Your desperation is also powerful energy that is supporting you to go outside your norm and be willing to do whatever it takes to address this at a core level.


The bottom line is…

The experience you are having is to help you get clearer on what needs to change WITHIN YOU in order for you to have the success you desire.

In this way, the Universal energies and your emotional energy come together in order to help you more readily attain your desires.

Don’t give up on your dream Tracy!! Just let go of the old persona that isn’t really your truth and instead become the person you are made to be from the inside-out!