Careful with What You Focus On

One of the biggest obstacles that can get in the way of creating your desires is focusing on what is NOT working from a disempowered perspective.

While it is important to understand the aspects of your life that aren’t working for you, the disempowered version will show up as:

1) Blame: my partner, mother, father, child, friend etc… causes me to feel the way I do.

2) If only…: If I had more money then I could go for my dream, feel more at peace.

3) Impossibility: I’ve done what I could but my relationship, finances, health, weight,
happiness….will never change.

4) Giving up: I’ve tried but I guess I’m not meant to have my desire.

And…I get it! When you have been working to create a change but the result you desire hasn’t happened, it is easy to get focused on what you wish was better in your life.

The problem if you get overly focused on what is missing, you just end up creating more of what you don’t want.

Whatever it is you focus on, you will create more of in your life.

If you feel that no one is trustworthy, you’ll have experiences with untrustworthy people that prove that you are right. If you feel that everyone is financially struggling, you’ll create experiences where people will mirror back to you their money struggles. If you have a belief about someone (your child, husband, parent), that they are self-involved, you’ll train your brain to see most or all of their actions as being self-involved.

The problem with this, of course, is that in coming from a place of lack, you won’t be able to receive what you actually want to change about your life. Your mind is setting up your life for more of what you don’t want rather than what you do want.

In order to continue to receive more of your desires, you want to remain in a state of expansion.

In order to remain expansive when you are on the path to receiving more of your ideal, I invite you to honor & celebrate what IS already working in your life.

One way to demonstrate to yourself how abundant your life is currently is to create a gratitude board.

Use this as evidence that God/Universe is already meeting your desires and have gratitude that even more of your desires are on their way!

Perhaps you can even share your gratitude with those you care about this Thanksgiving 🙂