Conflict and Emotions

Our world today is a challenging path to navigate.  All the emotions arising from wars, conflict, fears, and political and financial unease are complicated to process, not to mention the challenges that come forward in our daily relationships.

Part of the difficulty is society’s avoidant nature toward conflict, with a full 80% of people who prefer to avoid addressing conflicts. On the other side of the spectrum is when emotions take over in unhealthy, hurtful, and disrespectful ways.

Given how difficult it can be to address conflict in a healthy manner (for myself included), I created a video.

In this short video, you can learn:

  • Surprising yet common ways we avoid conflict
  • A vital yet often missing piece to include when working through conflict
  • Where to begin when addressing conflict
  • What your anger, sadness, or frustration may be guiding you to do when a challenge arises

Going toward conflict is not easy, but doing so in a conscious and empowered manner will support you in processing your feelings. Not only will processing your feelings benefit you by helping you to be less emotionally weighted down, but it also deepens your compassion toward yourself and others.

I hope this supports you!

Warm Best,

Michelle Bersell


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