Emotional Empowerment Training:

The Proactive Approach to Address Common Mental Health Challenges
that Builds Emotional Well-Being & Resiliency

The Next Generation of Emotional Intelligence that Gives Your Employees Empowered Solutions to

Anxiety, Anger, Frustration, Sadness & Other Negative Emotions

Where We Stand Today:

Negative Feelings Continue to Increase in the Workplace Despite Greater Awareness


Why We Must Acquire More Emotional Skills

Emotional Intelligence has made us understand the significance our feelings have on our performance, leadership, and success. Bringing Emotional Intelligence in the workplace has supported employees to take personal responsibility for the impact of their feelings on the job and in relationship with others.  However, despite this awareness, individuals continue to struggle with negative feelings, which reduces your employees productivity, focus, motivation, and overall energy levels. Without knowing an empowered approach to the emotions they are experiencing, their feelings build up and negatively impact their ability to effectively communicate and resolve conflict. 

The Statistics:

According to the American Psychological Association, Stress is Unprocessed Emotions


Learn How the Facts Can Inform Us

As the negative feelings that underlie stress go unchecked, employee’s mental health continues to be impacted in measurable ways, including:

  • More than 70 percent of employees spend valuable work time worrying
  • 65% of office workers have experienced office rage
  • 53% are unhappy at work
  • 83% of men report that workplace stress carries over into their relationships

Unprocessed feelings negatively impacts employee functionality including:


  • 56% workplace performance
  • 51% relationship with coworkers and peers
  • 50% quality of work
  • 43% relationships with superiors

The Gap:

It’s Time to Bridge the Gap Between Awareness to Emotional Resiliency


What’s Still Missing

The problem that remains is how to specifically address emotions such as anxiety, anger, sadness, jealousy, frustration, overwhelm, annoyance and other negative feelings that impact work.   Without being clear as to why one feels the way they do and what to do about it, their feelings either run amok, fester, or come out indirectly through punitive behaviors, impacting work-life or family life, all which impacts productivity.

The Cost:

The Impact of Not addressing the Gap


Why It’s More Than the $1 Trillion in Lost Productivity

When employee mental health suffers, it impacts employers bottom line. Besides loss of productivity, employer costs increase due to: 

  • Medical Expenses: Employee mental health costs rise twice as fast as all other medical expenses & worldwide, depression is the leading cause of disability.
  • Employee Turnover: The cost of replacing one employee is estimated to be about 75 percent of their salary, plus the cost associated with orienting and training new employees.
  • Unhealthy Behaviors: Employees turn to external means of comfort from overeating to over drinking, which impacts employees overall health and job functioning.

The Solution:

Emotional Empowerment —The Next Generation of Emotional Intelligence


Teach Your Workforce How to Address Specific Negative Feelings

Emotional Empowerment fills the gap by teaching leaders, managers, and employees why they feel the way they do (there’s an important reason) and what to do with specific emotions to help them feel truly empowered and more resilient. Rather than continue to try to combat stress, individuals gain understanding to their triggers and are guided how to take personal responsibility for their emotional state.  Emotional Empowerment is the only process that teaches how negative feelings are allies to one’s growth that will support individuals to evolve as leaders, effective communicators and team players. 

The Benefits:

Integrating Emotional Empowerment Can Benefits to Employees & Employers


Maximize Your Bottom Line

A negative working environment may lead to physical and mental health problems, harmful use of substances or alcohol, absenteeism and lost productivity. Workplaces that promote mental health and support people with mental disorders are more likely to reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and benefit from associated economic gains.  Studies have shown, for every US $1 put into scaled up treatment for common mental disorders, there is a return of US $6 in improved health and productivity.

How Emotional Empowerment works:


Without knowing the purpose as to why one is feeling the way they do, negative feelings consume people’s attention and energy. Emotional Empowerment teaches the unique purpose to the most common emotional struggles and how to utilize their emotional energy to their benefit.


By learning to receive negative emotions as a signal, people are able to understand how their perceptions are taking them off course and in doing so, more quickly revert to being back on course to where they want to focus.  With this clarity, people are able to understand their role to create positive impact and personal changes to be made in order to resolve conflicts.


As participants learn to understand the emotional signals of their negative feelings and make corrections to their perceptions and behavior, energy that was once wasted on trying to manage emotions is instead used to propel individuals forward toward being higher functioning leaders within their field of work and in their relationship with others.

How Emotional Empowerment is different than Emotional Intelligence:

As the intensity and impact levels of mental health continue to grow in the workforce, so must our approach to addressing emotional well-being and creating emotional resiliency.

Learn More

Emotional Intelligence has been critical to making the workforce more aware of the importance feelings have on our success.  Through Emotional Intelligence, we have learned self-awareness, self-management, relationship management, and social awareness in order to connect with oneself and others with greater understanding.

As we grow in our understanding of emotional wellbeing, trying to manage feelings by telling individuals to stay calm or control their emotions are proving to be inadequate for today’s mental health needs. Individuals are looking to know what to do with the onslaught of stress and negative feelings that goes beyond coping mechanisms.  Instead they are looking for tools that can be implemented effectively, on the spot, so one can feel better and more empowered regarding themselves and their circumstances.

Emotional Empowerment is the only emotional well-being tool that teaches individuals how to naturally diminish their negative feelings by receiving the empowered signals of their negative emotions. By learning to receive their feelings from an empowered lens, individuals no longer have to try to manage, cope, or stuff down their emotions, which in and of itself takes energy, and instead learn to utilize the energy of their negative feelings to breakthrough their own internal resistance and grow personally and professionally.

Emotional Empowerment gives your employees an understanding as to why they are experiencing a particular negative feeling and how to address that emotion head-on in a way that empowers them and builds emotional resiliency.

The net effect is a more focused, productive, and effective workforce that is able to influence oneself and others through this deeper understanding of emotional wellbeing.

What Others Are Saying:

“Every Sunday I felt paralyzed from fear and anxiety when I would think about going to work on Monday. Now having learned Emotional Empowerment I have an exciting new lease on life. Besides receiving an amazing promotion, I am now more confident – which has allowed me to open the door to so many more new experiences & change my life in immeasurable ways!”



“The self-confidence, growth, self-trust, awareness and connection to myself has created huge breakthroughs, both personally and professionally. Emotional Empowerment has helped me to step out of my comfort zone and help me grow as a professional.”



“Because of Emotional Empowerment I approach risk, challenge, opportunity, leadership, clients and success from a completely different perspectives today. I find that I use the insights in every interaction. It becomes a part of you. The awakening and the tools allow me to live in greater alignment with my ideal. This training is invaluable to me.”  



“I feel that my life has been blessed with a career doing my passion. Yet, even though those major aspects were going well, I found myself turning to external sources as a reward at the end of the day. This caused struggles for me. Now that I have been guided by Emotional Empowerment I no longer turn to those external sources and have found greater peace, joy and presence in my life.”



“I’ve finally learned to step into situations that I would have normally shielded away from, as I didn’t like conflict. As a result, I believe in myself more and that has made a direct impact on increasing my income! This training is the BEST!”


Real Estate

“One issue in particular had weighed on me for over 11 years. I wanted to address it, tried many times, but just could not get started. Thanks to learning Emotional Empowerment, I got rid of my excuses, and finally felt the motivation and energy necessary to move forward. Emotional Empowerment not only works, it is life changing!”



Work With Us:


Learn the Emotional Empowerment Difference: Your staff will learn how to work with their negative feelings and turn them into allies. The outcome will be deeper personal understanding and responsibility to how to channel their emotional energy in a way that works for rather than against them.


Implement Emotional Empowerment: Whenever a negative feeling comes forward throughout the workday or at home your employees have convenient online instruction to aide recall with enacting an empowered emotional response.


Integrate Emotional Empowerment: Your employees can receive personal support to change their perceptions toward self and others by having continuous guidance through open office hours with a certified Emotional Empowerment Coach.

Learn More about the creator of the Emotional Empowerment Process, psychotherapist Michelle Bersell, M.A., M.Ed.

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