Dealing with Change: Opportunity and Grief

I’ve been waking up early most days over the last few weeks. The feelings are a mixture of anxiety, sadness, and grief. I hear those emotions calling me to face the fact that change is happening. I listen closely.

My anxiety doesn’t want me to forget the million things my twin boys need as they head to college. I am grateful for the reminders I still need to buy slides for them to wear in the shower or to make sure I bring cables for their TV.

My sadness tells me how much I will miss the small moments of randomly offered hugs and silly yet meaningful conversations. I am grateful for the reminder to remain present.

My grief is telling me life won’t be the same. I will grieve. The time I spent having these three miraculous human beings who are my children, living comfortably under my roof is gone. It is the closing of a chapter that has been an enormous gift.

I look forward to what the next chapter brings for myself and my children.  

My emotions don’t bother me because I recognize that they want me to remember my Truth. My rational mind wants me to stay as busy as possible to avoid the vulnerability within my Truth. I suppose my emotions must barge in the wee hours of the morning, as I have a purposefully jam-packed schedule this fall.

So, I get these morning reminders through my emotions to help me grow and remember what it means to love and let go. While I don’t know if I will be any good at this intensely conscious way of loving, I do know that my emotions will show me the next step to my growth if I am willing to listen. Fortunately, I am a pretty good listener, which means I dutifully note what my feelings have to tell me each morning. Through listening and heeding the guidance I am receiving, the heaviness diminishes. I move forward with my day, one step at a time, with curiosity and optimism about what the next chapter will look like.

Throughout life’s journey, change is inevitable. Along with changes are your emotions to help you through what is challenging as your life shifts. Initially, the feelings that arise with change are likely heavy and painful. Heed the deeper meaning of why they are emerging, and you’ll feel grateful for this internal guidance system that is helping you to navigate change.  When the heaviness and pain don’t shift that easily, be compassionate with yourself, as it means you are going through a more profound metamorphosis that is preparing you for your next chapter. 

Our emotions are not meant to move through us but to move us. Dare to see where the loving and empowered version of your feelings takes you. I, for one, can’t wait!