Defining Success on Your Terms

Defining Success
on your terms
As an emotionally sensitive person, I know a part of your definition of success is going to go beyond hitting a certain financial level. At the very minimum, you will include feeling balanced as a key component to success.

What else does success mean to you?

I invite you to take time to gain even greater clarity on creating your own definition of success. The clearer you are, the easier success can find you!

Paint a picture of your successful life (in your terms) in each of the following categories:

Your Health:

Your emotional well-being:

Your relationships:

Your financial well-being:

Next acknowledge you:

1. Acknowledge what you already created!

2. Acknowledge what you desire to create next. (It takes courage to claim the success you desire).

3. Acknowledge what you think has gotten in between the full expression of success you desire.

4. Acknowledge how you could get support to create the change you desire.

(Brainstorm people, personal or professional, who have been able to achieve the success that is alignment with your ideal and ask for help! A secret to success is gaining the support of others.)

Michelle Bersell Defining Success