Earth Day

Our connection to nature is one of the easiest ways to support and nurture our emotional well-being.

Taking time to sit silently against a tree, gaze at the stars, take a quiet walk along a water’s edge, or stare into a fire are all easy things we can do that we know make us feel at ease. Yet we don’t do them often enough.

As easy as this sounds on paper, giving ourselves time and space in nature requires a deep sense of worthiness and self-love.

Perhaps it is because we don’t recognize our innate worth that we have difficulty seeing the same inherent worth of our beautiful planet.

We’ve been taught that our own and our planet’s needs can be pushed aside for greater pursuits. It’s not working for either of us, is it? As people and our Earth, we are both crying out for help.

When there isn’t internal equilibrium, things tend to go erratic, whether within our own lives or with our planet.

Only you can decide what is a priority in your life. What I know is that when you make meeting your psychological needs a priority, you are not only more loving to yourself but also more loving in all that you do.

We need more loving actions toward ourselves, our planet, and one another.

Taking care of yourself, slowing down, and being in nature are acts of love, not selfishness. Taking care of your psychological needs makes you more empathic and connected to the consequences of your own and our collective actions toward the only planet we have.

We cannot give to another what we first don’t give to ourselves. Simultaneously, we can take our own and our planet’s needs more seriously.

Our beautiful Earth needs you just as much as you need her. Together, we can heal, grow, and deepen our capacity to love more fearlessly.

Here’s to the fearless love you are!