I Feel Love

LOVE is what my work is and always has been at its core.

The thing about love is that it is a power and a skill that needs to be continuously practiced. Through practicing the skill and power of love, you outpace and overcome your fear.

Love is a power, a skill, we must practice and develop to outpace and ultimately overcome fear.

Love is what we need to heal us at our root.

Emotional intelligence gave us insight – EMOTIONAL EMPOWERMENT gives you solutions to what to do when you are anxious, angry, sad, frustrated and more.

What our current understanding continues to promote are ways to get rid of your negative feelings because ultimately negative emotions are unwanted and unnecessary.  What emotional empowerment teaches is the innate wisdom in all that you feel.  The difference is vast because the current way is about continuing to need to manage your emotions and the empowered way is to whole-heartedly receive the gifts, opportunities, and insight offered in each negative emotion you feel.  The current path continues to judge your feelings, which keeps their innate wisdom at bay.  Your empowered emotions are teaching you to choose love over and over and more and more deeply, with every feeling experience.

The fear-based approach toward our negative feelings completely skips and does not recognize the innate wisdom of your emotions to guide you and your life.  We are being called to a higher love that sustains us and more skills to manage our emotions isn’t it.  The higher love is to receive the power within all we feel and allow that to guide us to heal our shame.  The less shame we have, the less we emotionally get triggered.

To achieve the emotional resolve you are looking for you need love, an empowered love.

Love is personal responsibility; not blame, not victim consciousness.  Love is showing up for yourself.  Your empowered negative feelings are showing you where self-hatred still exists and how to show up with greater self-love instead.

Your empowered negative feelings help you recognize ways you see yourself as not enough and instead teach you how to create worthiness from within you.  And worthiness must come from you. Let me show you how.

Empowered negative feelings are guiding you to less and less separation from love and your True Self.  They teach you to close the gap.  They shift you from relying on fear and masks to live your life to greater and greater love and truth.

There will come a time when you are tired of all the managing and tools, and all the ways you attempt to control your feelings.  This way is filled with overwhelm and is exhausting.  When you are tired of the old approach to your feelings, the path of love will be there for you.  Choose you.  Choose greater love.

When you are ready to let more love into your life and into your emotional state(s), I will be here for you to join me on this journey of Emotional Empowerment.

Eventually love will win over fear.  It always does.

Ready now? Start by taking my free quiz @ https://iiee.training/emotional-wellness-quiz

Greater love is waiting for you on the other side. 

I can’t wait for all the value this brings into your life as you feel more love inside of you and around you, and for yourself, others and life!