Gratitude When Discourage

Trust me, I get how difficult, even depressed, you can feel when you are trying to create a new outcome and there is little to no evidence of your desire yet in reality.

You and I, as Emotionally Sensitive People (ESP’s), have the tendency to take it personally when we aren’t getting the results we desire.

You’ll likely question:

What am I doing wrong?
What is wrong with me?
Does God/Universe even care about me?

What I have come to learn about sadness is that this feeling will slow you down.

Rather than judge or fight yourself for feeling “off,” I invite you to utilize this energy to your advantage and take the following steps toward deeper self-reflection:

Step 1:

Understand the Empowered Message to Your Discouragement:

When you are discouraged, you will likely feel a combination of sadness and hopelessness. The empowered version of your sadness is there to help you recognize the false perceptions you have about yourself. When you feel discouraged, your ego will often try to make you “less than” for not yet being able to make a change happen more quickly. What the ego is really doing is trying to define your worth based upon outcome.

The truth is that your true worth comes from inside of yourself and it is not tied to anything in external reality. In other words, if every aspect of your life were to fall apart, you still have you – your incredible spirit, and that is of incredible value and worth! But only you can claim it. Utilize this experience to reclaim your worth from the inside.

To be dis-couraged, simply means you are losing the courage you once had to be willing to go for your desire. See how incredible you are for knowing you desire more for your life and honor yourself that you are indeed on the path to making it happen. Even if reality hasn’t shifted where you can see results, it doesn’t mean that changes aren’t taking place. Trust that shifts are happening and honor yourself for making positive, forward movement to your desires.

Step 2:

Honor What IS Working

It is easy to remain focused on what’s missing. However, if you keep focusing on lack, more lack is what you’ll see and experience.

Your focus is powerful so utilize it to recognize that there are aspects working for you right now. You can start as small as the bodily functions that are still working for you, whether you put attention on them or not.

Also, use this as an opportunity to honor your own growth. Even if you feel you have taken two steps back, you are still likely further along than you were 5 or 10 years ago. Honor where you are at now.

While you may still feel some sense of discouragement, your focus will become more balanced to recognize that there is still good in your life.

Step 3:

Find Examples of Encouragement

When I feel discouraged that there isn’t evidence of change happening, I like to turn to natural experiences where reality doesn’t indicate truth.

For instance, the first couple of months of a baby’s development, a mother may not even know she’s pregnant. There may be little to no external evidence that this baby is growing, but is it ever! The early stage is when some of the most complex parts to a baby’s growth occurs, but the external world may have no idea.

It’s the same with planting a seed that is intended to become a flower. There are a lot of changes occurring underneath the soil that cannot be detected above the surface. So we have the choice to stew, worry, & plan for the worse case scenario or nurture and trust that this seed will develop.

In both cases, even though you can’t see the development, there is massive growth transpiring.