Holiday Highlights for You

In order to shower you with some holiday love and light, I wanted to turn to some people who live in full integrity regarding what they teach and who have happened to become friends of mine, as well as faculty of The International Institute for Emotional Empowerment (IIEE).

Dr. Bernie-SiegelThe faculty we have at IIEE are all dedicated to supporting as many people as possible in creating the changes in their life that they desire.  Below, you will find an excerpt from our beloved Dr. Bernie Siegel, who wants to remind you of the power of words in health and life.

As you are in the depths of the holidays, the power of words is vital to allowing you to stay centered, calm, and, dare I say, at peace!

When you use the combination of words with emotions, you truly get to decide how you want to feel and what type of experiences you want to create.

This time of year, I always feel a desire to draw in and reflect on what is important. What came up this year was a combination of stillness along with FUN!
My family decided to host a holiday “open house” party.   At this moment, we have at least 75 people swinging by and I can’t wait!

open house

Listening to your emotions is truly about
listening to what your heart really wants.

My feelings were clear in telling me “party yes, but let go of doing it all on your own.”

What I have learned from years of listening to my emotions is in letting go of whatever my mind is telling me and trusting in my feelings to guide my experiences creates greater magic in life.

Our hearts are literally guiding us to experience the joy of the season and life!

Dr. Margaret PaulOur dear friend Dr. Margaret Paul (also faculty at IIEE) is a true guide in helping you connect back to your heart through your Inner Child.  It is through this connection with your Inner Child that you can also find more magic and wonder in life.  Below is more information on how you can begin that process through Margaret’s complementary teachings.

I am also so proud of the students at IIEE that have come together to learn and guide others toward creating greater personal empowerment through their emotions!  Please check out here what some of our students want to share with you!



If you have a desire to know how to work with emotions from a life-changing perspective of empowerment and love, I highly encourage you to sign up for a call with one of the IIEE staff (It might even be me!) and learn how IIEE could also positively impact your life in 2016!

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Click Here to read Dr. Bernie Siegel’s excerpt.  Should you want to purchase anything on Bernie’s site, you can also use special discount code #35 to get 15% off.  Simply put the code in comment box when signing out.

Here is Margaret’s link to her complementary Inner Child training called Inner Bonding:

**Please note, if you have any issues with either Dr. Siegel’s or Dr. Paul’s offers, please contact them through their website directly!

My heart is so open to sharing with you even more.  Next week, I’ve got something extra special as a tribute to someone I bet you have known, learned from, and admired.  Stay tuned!