How Summer Can Help Deepen Self-Trust

I live in Wisconsin, which means that when summer comes around, I have to embrace the warmth and soak in it while I can.

The invitation for all of us in summer is to slow down, practice being present, and play more often. Not only do these three aspects feel good to us, but they will also teach us how to gain greater self-trust.

Let’s face it, our minds are on over-drive with all the information and entertainment from our phones.  What we choose to take in through our phones fills our head space.  When your head space is overloaded, it will be challenging to decipher between all the thoughts being stimulated in your head and your truth.  When your mind takes hold of you like this, you will feel pulled in a million directions, uncertain where to focus next.

Trust me, I get it. I’ve found myself starting one task, then remembering another thing I need to do, and then suddenly adverting my actions to wherever my monkey-mind takes me.  However, rather than allow my thoughts to control me like a puppet, I’m learning to get curious about the thoughts that pull at me.  The busier I become, the more I see my thoughts seeking control due to what feels like uncertainty around me.

What I know from working with negative emotions over the past two decades is that the way your rational mind seeks comfort when you feel overwhelmed is what creates anxiety, worry, and greater self-doubt. The states of emotional overwhelm that you may find yourself in due to self-doubt want to come forward to be healed. 

Thankfully, nature is our partner in our natural healing.

If your ego is like mine, it will pull you away from the healing aspects of being slowed down, taking in life, and allowing your inner child to have fun.  Your mind will tell you that you don’t have time.  And if you only listen to your rational mind, you will constantly feel like you are taking two steps forward and one step back.  The reason this happens is because you aren’t connecting to your wisdom, which knows exactly where it is in your highest good and the good of all, to place your focus and attention.

Those good-for-you activities that summer is naturally calling you to take part in don’t just feel good. These actions are fantastic for your mind and soul.  They will clear the clutter and create space to tap into your inner wisdom so you can spin your wheels less and enjoy life more. (At least, this is what I am practicing doing).

I am good at either totally letting go or being fully in work mode.  Finding that sweet spot of balance can be tricky if I get too into my head.  Thankfully, when I listen and then trust how I feel, I get to take in summer how I want to and continue to move forward with my work, which is also very meaningful. I don’t always get it right, but that’s what our negative feelings are there for.  Your negative emotions will let us know how to course-correct and find our way again.

This is a reminder to grant yourself the permission to release the grip of your ego and savor the gifts of the summer with an open heart, mind, and spirit. 

May you shine brightly and live expansively!


Michelle Bersell