I Can Never Catch-Up!

Feel like you can never catch up?

3 Tell-Tale Signs Your Perspective Is Exasperating Your Sense of Overwhelm


Let me guess, your plate is full isn’t it?  For most people, their plates are overly stuffed with a mile-high to-do list. When this is the case, it’s easy to feel that you can never catch up with life’s demands.  

If you feel run ragged, it is important to determine how much your perception is impacting your experience.  

Here are 3 tell-tale signs that your challenges are being exasperated due to outdated internal programming: 

  1. You are trying to oversee everything.  The more you are trying to manage aspects of life that aren’t yours to handle, the more overwhelmed you are going to be.  The more overwhelmed you feel, the more you feel like you have to control everything.  It’s a vicious circle that keeps you spinning.
  2. You avoid stillness.  You may laugh at the idea that you even have time for stillness but if you look at all the ways as a society that we turn to distraction (social media, internet surfing, drinking/eating to escape, video games etc), we all fall prey to habits that take away from allowing ourselves time to just be.  You know this is happening if you feel uncertain about what to do when you have a little time, so you bounce from one activity to the next or feel glued to your to-do list.  What is actually happening is an avoidance of the emptiness that you feel internally.  
  3. You are over-identified with your roles.  It doesn’t matter what that role is whether it is being a mother/father, wife/husband or provider/caretaker, if you use this part of your identity to define your sense of self-worth, you are going to be overwhelmed.  The reason is our roles are not where we obtain self-worth, it comes from within you.  When you base your worth on a role, you won’t measure-up and therefore you will overwhelm yourself trying. 

Each of the above are tell-tale signs that you have an undertone of anxiety running you.  The more the above ring true for you, the greater the opportunity you have to change your experience of life’s demands on you.

Your empowered anxiety is guiding you to trust that:

  • You are more than your work or to-do list.
  • You can’t control the external. You can only determine how you want to respond to the external circumstance. 
  • You will get completed exactly what absolutely needs to be completed.
  • You won’t find peace when it’s all done. Your true peace is within you.

The way in which many of us have approached our lives had meant avoiding the humanity within ourselves in order to be more productive and succeed.  Clearly this is no longer working.

At the International Institute for Emotional Empowerment (IIEE), our training teaches individuals how each of your negative feelings are guiding you to live with greater ease.  Anxiety, in particular, is there to guide you back to a greater sense of internal peace, when you learn how to work with this emotion from an empowered lens.

Rather than turn our backs on these emotions that make us initially uncomfortable, there is an opportunity to turn to them and receive how they are guiding us to live our lives more powerfully and authentically.

Warm Best,