Emotional Empowerment Introductory Trainings:

Take care of your workforce by giving them the skills to address their day-to-day negative feelings.

Initial offerings include in-person, virtual, or on-demand trainings to your organization that provides a revolutionary understanding of emotional well-being that is both interactive and insightful.  

Emotional Empowerment 101

(2 hours)

Focus: An Empowered Relationship to Anxiety, Sadness, Anger

Availability: Live: Virtual, In-Person, & On-Demand (90 min)

Intelligence of emotions isn’t enough to know how to address today’s mental health challenges in the workplace. The Emotional Empowerment difference is that we provide participants with the tools to directly address the negative emotions they are most experiencing at work; anxiety, disappointment, and anger. Through engaging in interactive examples, participants will easily relate to and understand how their brain works when it comes to their feelings, as well as the behaviors that will either increase or decrease the specific emotions that they are experiencing. The result is a workforce that has greater insight into why they feel the way they do and the empowerment to make changes to strengthen their emotional health and resilience.

Emotional Empowerment 101 Expanded

(Half-Day/ Two 2 hour sessions)

Focus: An Empowered Relationship to Anxiety, Sadness, Anger,
Frustration, Guilt + Processes to Reduce Emotional Triggers

Availability: Live: Virtual & In-Person

This extended training offers the same content of Emotional Empowerment 101, while also including how to address the negative emotions of frustration and guilt. By learning an empowered approach to the Big 5 (anxiety, sadness, anger, frustration, and guilt), participants feel they have the tools to work through and diminish the negative emotions they experience most often. In addition, this training provides participants with the processes that support them to understand and eliminate their emotional triggers. By taking responsibility for how one becomes emotionally triggered, participants are able to build true emotional resilience.

Emotional Empowerment Leadership

(Half-Day/Two 2 hour sessions/EE 101 Extended Pre-requisite)

Focus: Gain the tools to address the most common emotional weight leaders and their team members carry in order to professionally and personally thrive.

Availability: Live: Virtual & In-Person

As leaders achieve their next level in their careers and gain more responsibilities, it’s vital to understand how one’s own negative emotions may arise, recognize when these feelings may be unintentionally leaking out to team members and develop a plan in order for leaders to be truly trustworthy. This training teaches leaders and managers how to address everyday negative feelings, such as anger, anxiety, and disappointment, directly. In doing so, leaders become the model on how to move beyond managing emotions to instead being empowered through our feelings. Leaders will also learn to recognize the emotional undertone within communication of their team in order to diminish stressful responses and cultivate an environment of inspiration, motivation, and personal responsibility. Furthermore, in order to get the most of DEI initiatives it is important to address the emotions that arise in the context of diversity. Through this training, leaders will understand how the brain develops implicit biases, how to take responsibility for their biases, and how to ultimately upgrade their subconscious programming. By gaining deeper inner awareness and tools, participants will become a leader that inspires and motivates their team to be and do their best, while also supporting each leader to thrive, both professionally and personally.

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