Is There a Boogie Man in Your Money Story?

Trick or Treat Boogieman in your money story

While the boogie-man is make believe, it can sure feel real! I was such a scaredy-cat as a kid: okay, and sometimes I still am as an adult too 🙂

PumpkinThe only way to overcome those fears are to look at them head on and see what is underneath them. As a kid, that meant looking underneath the bed, in the closet, behind the door, etc… in order to realize the fear is all being made up in the mind.

Now you can do the same with your money story. The following questions are designed to help you recognize what spooky, scary gremlins are presently limiting your ability to receive. Let’s put an end to your inner gremlins limiting your financial well-being and receive the treat of abundance in your life instead!

1. Do you have any messaging around money that would keep abundance from you, as I did? If yes, write them down.

2. Do you have feelings about wealthy people that would make you want to be different than them? If so, write them down.

3. Do you pride yourself for being able to do okay with less even though aspects of your life would be easier if you had more? If so, what are those prideful thoughts?

4. What would it be like for you to allow the loving energy of money to flow through you? How would your life be different?

5. If you had the opportunity to learn how to allow the loving energy of money to flow through you, would you? What would stop you?

Woman looking at a piggybank

Being able to take an honest look at your money programing is the beginning of changing your relationship with money to one that is expansive and loving.

The rest of the work has to be done on a subconscious level, which is where your emotions hold stories about your worthiness, lovability and value.

For those of you who answered a BIG YES to question #5, and you aren’t willing to let money define your worth or stop you anymore, this is your opportunity to shift your money relationship to love by attending to it.

You receiving more of your real, authentic, juicy, yummy TRUTH is what this is all about.

If your pain has come from a challenge that you haven’t been able to overcome, whether that pain is toward health, wealth or love, there is an internal evolution that is waiting to occur and calling you to attend to it NOW.

The biggest TREAT you can give yourself is the opportunity for your emotional self to grow along side your conscious self in order to receive more of you.

You are the cake that the universe desires for you to taste. Having your desires met is the icing!