Living A Spiritually Driven Life

For many years, I knew my purpose was to serve and support others. Other than that tidbit – I didn’t have a clue how!

There were days I was excited about the possibilities and then there were days I doubted if my vision would ever happen. A part of me would question:

“Who the heck do I think I am to dream big?”

Then, I figured out the how to my purpose, but I wasn’t entirely living my purpose in a spirit driven way. There was a mix of fear that would come up, burn me out, take me off my path, and make me question everything. I would find myself lose my momentum to frustration, sadness, and anxiety.

The outcomes I experienced were a reflection of the inner stop and go I was feeling.

As we begin the new year, I want to support you with how to overcome the push/pull energy that often happens when you have a desire for change. Or, if you are feeling flatlined – with no passion whatsoever- there is a remedy for that as well.

Being spiritually driven means you are listening to your highest self guide you. To receive that guidance, you also need to experience your emotions. Watch the video below, as I share more on this.

When you are living your badass life, your spirit/essence/truth is guiding you with authentic passion and energy to make your desires a reality. It is only fear that causes burnout or passionlessness.

Here’s to you and your spirit driven life!


PS: If your passion is to help others but you are experiencing the push/pull energy I once did, I invite you to check out this free training here: