No Longer Hiding

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As an emotionally sensitive person, it is pretty common for us to hide.
My comfort zone was to stay just under the radar.


Flying under the radar meant safety. With few people being able to see me, I got the reward of not feeling their judgment. Because, for us emotionally sensitive types, we FEEL that judgment regardless if anything is said or not.

The caveat to flying under the radar, I found, is life isn’t as fun or abundant as it could be.

As a person who feels so much, you are likely going to have a desire for the goodness of life. I do!

“The universe has a deep knowingness
that the more you are able to receive
the more you have to give!”

Being a person that has such sensory experiences – why not have them feel great? This means going for your ideal, which can’t be done flying under the radar.

Fortunately, for you and I, our emotions are going to be there to clue us in when something isn’t working any longer.

That has been the case for me in all areas of my life. My feelings have been there to help me become a better receiver toward:

  • Loving & Caring for myself, both my internal wellbeing and physical health
  • Having a deeply loving relationship, both emotionally and physically
  • Healing my relationship with money
  • Deepening my spiritual connection

Each of these experiences involved internal pain in the short-term, in order to overcome the unconscious constraints I had to receiving.

In the long-term, my negative emotions empowered me to claim my hearts desires.

When negative feelings show up, know that this is an opportunity to create a deep transformational shift teaching you to receive your ideal.

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