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Episode 26: The No Cost Gift to Give Yourself this Holiday Season

Ready or not, the holidays are here. Before your to-do list piles up any further and you feel overwhelmed by all the holiday goodies on your plate, there’s a gift you can give to yourself. This gift does not take more time. In fact, it gives you back time. Not to mention, it’s free.






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  • The impact ignoring this gift has on your mental health
  • What is really running you – HINT: It likely isn’t what you think!
  • Easy steps to feel more rejuvenated (& who couldn’t use that?)
  • How this gift can support you to gain greater insight and clarity.u.

Learn how you can receive this gift by listening in now!

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Want help reclaiming your internal gold?  That’s what we do at the Emotional Empowerment Mentorship Program!

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