Episode #3: Building Self-Confidence as an Emotionally Sensitive Person


We’ve all heard advice such as…”If you act confidently and think confidently, you’ll be confident,” or “Fake it til you make it.” Those directives don’t quite work for emotionally sensitive people (ESP’s). In fact, trying to act or think in a way that opposes what they believe makes an ESP feel more like a fraud, which depletes inner confidence. The great news is that for ESP’s, your path to confidence is one of authenticity and developing an inner belief in yourself.

In this podcast, we’ll unwind the ways in which you’ve likely been trained to turn your back on your truth, due to your emotional sensitivity and what you can do to build a strong inner foundation that you trust, regardless of your circumstances.


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On this third episode of the Emotional Empowerment Podcast, you’ll discover:

  • How you’ve been unintentionally directed to mistrust yourself.
  • The advantage you have as an emotionally sensitive person (ESP) to create true confidence.
  • How lack of inner confidence creates relationship blocks (even for those who don’t consider themselves emotionally sensitive).
  • The vicious cycle that makes ESP’s more vulnerable to feeling hopeless and how to begin to get out of the cycle for good.
  • Why there are so many ESP’s and why you are needed more than ever!


Additional Resources

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