Episode 4: How to Naturally Dissolve Your Ego


The Ego. It’s our own little problem child inside of us. Your ego causes you pain inside and out. As the late Wayne Dyer stated, the ego stands for Edging God Out.

Yet, judging your ego or trying to get rid of it isn’t the answer. Just as if you had a real problem child, judging her/him only makes things worse. Instead, you need to understand why this child is behaving as she/he because their behavior serves a purpose.

It’s the same with your ego, it does indeed serve an important purpose. Once you no longer need your ego to the same degree, both you and your ego will know it, which allows the ego to naturally dissolve.

This podcast is about bringing greater understanding to your ego, so that rather than be ashamed, judge, or fight this aspect of you, you’ll be able to recognize why it shows up as it does and what you are being called to do in order to diminish your ego’s power.

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Check out episode 4: How to Naturally Dissolve Your Ego to discover:

  • How your ego forms.
  • The purpose of your ego.
  • The most common masks emotionally sensitive people wear.
  • How your ego hooks you to remain obedient to upholding masks and veils.
  • Practical steps you can take to dissolve your ego.


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