Episode 5: Having Faith in What You Feel


“Why am I so upset? Am I being ridiculous? Why can’t I just let this go? If I was a better person, I would move on and not be so hurt by this.”  The ways we question our right to feel what we feel can be never-ending.  Based upon a dream in which HER voice came through, I could see the ways in which, women especially, have been entrenched to mistrust, judge and shame how we are made.  In this episode, I connect with this feminine voice to weave in spirituality with our emotional well-being in unconventional ways in order that you may Faith in What You Feel.




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Check out episode 5: How to Naturally Dissolve Your Ego to discover:

  • What happens when you pathologize your emotions.
  • How this feminine approach integrates with messages taught in Buddhism, Gnosticism, and Christianity (and ways it may oppose as well).
  • What the original meaning of sin has to do with our emotions.
  • The illusions about yourself and your emotional well-being that you are being guided to release in order to experience more freedom..
  • What causes self-destruction that aligns with spiritual text and psychology.


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