Episode 7: The Cost to Being Under Confident

If I can just get this part of my life together, I would feel ______ (fill in the blank______). You know the drill. Your ego tells you that a certain dream needs to come into fruition for you to somehow feel better. So you try and try and TRY to make that happen. To no avail.  Which makes you feel worse about yourself. Then to avoid feeling worse that your efforts have led you no where, you find ways to distract yourself from that pain with unhealthy habits. This is the vicious cycle of under confidence.  

Being under confident doesn’t mean you are a doormat. In fact, I’ve worked with many successful people who were confident in business, but severely under confident in relationships, as well as those who were highly confident in their health or relationships but struggled and felt under confident with their finances. The reason this happens is because your ego knows exactly how to seduce your focus elsewhere, which ultimately undermines your confidence.  

The Cost to Being Under Confident isn’t just impacting your emotional health, it’s impacting any area of your life that you’ve felt challenged.  

Listen to this episode to find out what true confidence is and how to build lasting confidence from the inside out.  In doing so, you’ll have a whole new way of approaching and resolving areas that you have struggled to change.



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In this episode on The Cost to Being Under Confident, you’ll also discover…

  • What confidence really is.
  • The signs you are under confident.
  • How under confidence ties into wealth, relationship, and health challenges.
  • The mystery behind how the law of attraction really works.
  • The #1 way the ego seduces you away from true confidence.
  • 3 simple steps to build your inner confidence.


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