Putting an end to disqualifying ourselves as women

What I admire most about women is our ability to be simultaneously strong yet yielding. Early on in my life, I used to think that these qualities were an either-or proposition. Yet, we were literally born to be both. It is what is required of us, whether we give birth to a human or an important project. We have an inner strength that drives us forward while simultaneously being able to work with what comes our way as we consider others on our journey.

Allowing yourself to tap into your strength as a woman takes courage to own your voice, your process, and your path, as it is often not the road well-traveled. As women, we must trust ourselves and our way of doing things, especially when it is not recognized as relevant or important, nor is it honored or celebrated. Yet, by tapping into our collective courage, we insist that what we bring to the table not only matters but is vital for our future existence.  

Our strength is to keep moving forward despite often unacknowledged obstacles that have stood in our way to ensure you and other women can have a more significant impact. We persevere because we believe in something bigger than ourselves. Our huge hearts are committed to contributing to the greater good in a way that you alone were born to share.

It’s our ability to have compassion and consideration that we also have the strength to yield to others. You have yielded to your children, co-workers, family, or friends because your inner wisdom knows that lifting another up also allows you to rise. You aren’t focused solely on the bottom line, although you recognize its importance. Your yielding enables you to be more expansive than either/or mentality as you work for greater inclusiveness.

The voice of feminine leadership is needed more than ever, whether in your role within your family or your job. So please utilize this day, where we celebrate what it means to be a woman, to put an end to disqualifying yourself and your unique gifts. Trust yourself, and how you operate.  In doing so, we create a healthier and more inclusive framework for how we live that allows us to thrive individually and collectively.

With gratitude and admiration for all women and the men who support us,


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