Putting an End to Hiding

Putting an End to Hiding
The reason most of us hide is a fear of judgment. But who is really doing the judging?

Sure, sometimes, it’s the haters on the sidelines. More often than not, it’s the gorilla on your back (aka your ego/inner critic) telling you all the reasons you should feel shame for being you.



Below are 3 sure-fire ways to shrink your gorilla to a cute little monkey you can easily choose to ignore!

Daily Dose of Self-Acknowledgment:


Once a day, get in front of the mirror, look into your eyes, and share what aspects of yourself make you proud. Ideally, rather than focus on your external accomplishments, honor yourself for ways you stepped outside your comfort zone, allowed yourself to be authentically seen, and intrinsic aspects to yourself you are proud of.

Result = greater self love


Create Your Own Standard:

When your gorilla starts to attack you for not measuring up, determine whose standard you are measuring yourself against. For most of us, we inherited standards of others. Does that standard fit with your value system or is it cruel? What standard can you create that is life enhancing rather than life depleting? How can you switch your standard from being based on the external to honoring you for showing up in a way that makes you proud?

Result = greater confidence


Recognize the Truth to Others Opinions:

The truth is people’s opinions are none of your business. What people state or share says more about them than it does you. Live your life in a way that makes you proud of you. If you have a moment when you lose your way, trust that the larger side of you (the loving/ life affirming side) is more prevalent than the shadow side. The more you accept this about yourself, the more you’ll find yourself with others who feel the same.

Result = greater freedom

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