From Hiding to Shining

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Now that you recognize the signs and ways you may have been hiding, it’s time to give yourself the antidote: Allowing Yourself to SHINE!

Shining is simply another level of love, for yourself and others.

For yourself, you are signifying the love in you matters more than the fear within you.

The more you allow yourself to shine, regardless of others reactions, you overcome self-doubt with greater confidence. The greater your confidence, the more positive impact you can have on others.

Quotes2In a world where people are fiercely afraid, I believe it is the emotional sensitives who need to come forward more than ever. You have the compassion to understand others fears, because you’ve felt similarly at one point. With your understanding, rather than shame others for how they feel, you can influence them to find greater compassion and trust.

My belief is if we want a loving and compassionate world, we first need to know how to give that energy to ourselves. From there, you will create a ripple effect in the world by integrating boldness, power, love, and compassion together.

Want to join a revolutionary movement to heal the world’s relationship with their feelings?

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