Emotional Empowerment Reinforcement Trainings & Coaching:

Create a Sustainable Impact on Your Employees Emotional & Mental Health

Once your organization has gone through the initial offerings of Emotional Empowerment, support your workforce through continued reinforcement of this new, revolutionary approach to negative feelings. In order to have the greatest impact on employees’ psychological needs, provide extended training of an approach to emotional well-being and mental health that models empowered choice, self-awareness, and building internal resilience.  

Emotional Empowerment On-the-Go

Focus: An Empowered Relationship to Anxiety, Sadness, Anger, Frustration, Guilt + Processes to Reduce Emotional Triggers

Availability: Virtual

This one-of-a-kind program shifts your workforce from emotional overwhelm to greater emotional empowerment in 5 minutes or less! Whenever a negative feeling comes up, employees can choose from a list of over 65 emotions that best matches how they feel. Via video, audio or transcript, they will receive pre-recorded coaching on that specific emotion that supports them to step outside their comfort zone and access more of their potential!

Emotional Empowerment Individual
and Group Coaching

Focus: Personalized support to address specific challenges

Availablity: Virtual

Utilizing Emotional Empowerment strategies, participants will become more self-aware to the ways in which individual blocks and challenges have been working for an individual to meet their unaddressed psychological needs.  By learning how to address their psychological needs consciously, participants will gain access to greater authenticity, confidence, and inner peace in their leadership abilities.

Emotional Empowerment at Work Training 

(2 hours per training)

Focus: Help your workforce strengthen their Emotional Empowerment skill-set through a 5-part series of trainings that delve deeper into the Big 5 negative emotions, as well as gain tools to common workplace challenges.

Availablity: Live both Virtual & In-Person


Emotionally Empowered Sadness at Work: This training strengthens participants skill-set to more deeply address sadness, grief, the ego, and shame in order to live with greater integrity.

Emotionally Empowered Anxiety at Work: This training strengthens participants skill-set to more deeply address anxiety, fear, and outward approval seeking behaviors in order to live with greater self-trust and confidence.

Emotionally Empowered Anger at Work: This training strengthens participants skill-set to more deeply address anger, passive-aggressive behavior, and workplace bullying in order to step into one’s innate power with healthier boundaries and self-respect.

Emotionally Empowered Frustration at Work: This training strengthens participants skill-set to more deeply address frustration, limiting-beliefs, and having difficult conversations in order to live more expansively.

Emotionally Empowered Guilt at Work: This training strengthens participants skill-set to more deeply address guilt, taking things personally, and self-forgiveness in order to cultivate greater self-acceptance and joy within one’s life.

Train the Trainer Certification

Focus: Certify your internal trainers to become Emotional
Empowerment Facilitators.

Availablity: Combination of Live Virtual and On-Demand Trainings

Provide your organization with a highly-valued internal resource by having individuals within your organization become certified Emotional Empowerment Trainers. Certified Trainers in Emotional Empowerment will experience both a personal and professional journey of turning negative feelings into allies, as they delve into the science and tools of a practical understanding of emotional health and well-being. They will become a resource for working through employee or team issues, challenges with leadership or management, and supporting your organization to cultivate an employee culture that is emotionally resilient. Use our contact form here, to be sent a brochure that explains in greater detail our Train the Trainer process.

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