Emotional Empowerment

A proactive approach to address negative feelings before there’s a mental health crisis.

Training, programs, & keynotes to develop emotional resiliency & well-being in companies, educational institutions, & organizations of all sizes.

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It’s a New Era of Mental & Emotional Health

Provide your audience with strategies and actionable steps that turn their negative feelings into their greatest allies.

Your audience will learn how to:

  • Recognize the common pitfalls of the Emotional Stone-Ages your organization may be unknowingly reinforcing and what to do instead.
  • Utilize science-based tools to address and diminish everyday negative feelings, such as anger, anxiety, and disappointment that 98% of participants agree is effective.
  • Take responsibility and eliminate emotional triggers in order to build resilience from the inside-out.

Tailored experiences that include the following topics to meet your needs:

  • Mental Health
  • Wellness
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Effective Communication
  • Organizational Culture
  • Creativity
  • Mindful Leadership
  • Productivity
  • Resilience

From the moment she took the microphone until the moment she put the microphone down, the audience was captivated by the words spoken by Michelle Bersell. Passionate about her philosophy, Michelle’s presentation was artfully designed to create inner peace for those brave enough to step up to the challenge of emotional well-being. Michelle has a unique ability to place people at ease, which helps her reach people that can vastly range in socioeconomic backgrounds and age. Michelle is a true inspiration.

Melanie Beres, Owner Citigal Magazine

I have heard Michelle speak several times now and each time I walk away feeling motivated and energized. She did an excellent job speaking to our newly licensed CPAs. Her words encouraged them to expect more and take chances getting to that next level in their careers.

Leah Grunewald, Membership Development Manager, WICPA

Michelle, you grabbed out attention and never let it fall. Your passion for helping others is clear. Thank you for an outstanding event!

Jeannie Randles, Program & Human Resources Director KANDU Industries

What an amazing presentation to have right before finals week. What was shared about our feelings was very relatable and relevant to so many of our lives as college students right now. As you shared your personal stories, we were finally able to bring understanding to why we feel the way we do. Thank you for the amazing insights that allowed us to gain an empowered approach to our emotional well-being! 

Olivia Smith, Vice President of Member Development, WI Delta Pi Beta Phi, Maquette University

Michelle’s passion toward supporting people to live their best life was apparent from the onset of the presentation. Our attention was captured as she humorously guided us to easily understand how we unconsciously limit ourselves. By giving us specific tools to address our blocks, Michelle inspired us to face our fears and begin making simple steps to enhance our lives. She was a joy to listen to and we all wished we could take her home with us!

Karen Sinclair, Senior Sales Director Mary Kay

Why Choose a Topic Based on Emotional Empowerment?

Mental health is a topic that is not going away and people are no longer willing to suffer in silence. Well-being has turned from a personal responsibility to now become a part of our collective responsibility. This has left individuals yearning to be a part of organizations that care about them on a human level, as well as a need for real-life, applicable ways to address the emotional weight they are carrying. Emotional Empowerment addresses these needs and more by providing engaging and relatable content that provides relevant insight into their day to day challenges. Engage Michelle Bersell, Psychotherapist and Founder of The International Institute for Emotional Empowerment, to speak and see why participants describe their experience as “Eye-Opening, Insightful, & Life-Changing!”