Spotlight on Recreating Success

Spotlight on Emotional Empowerment

As you stepped into your own personal growth process, how has that impacted your view of success?

I had a hard time defining what success meant to me other than working hard, a good job, a house, married, kids, and being surround by family and friends. Success was based on how much I could accomplish in a day as a mom, a wife, a daughter and an employee. My view of success was defined by what I thought everyone else would view as success. I found myself hiding and being scared to discuss my success and my desire to expand my view of success as a woman.

Now, I no longer hold myself back from the desire of wanting more out of myself or out of my life. Success is only something I can define for myself, and no longer worry about how others will view my success. Most importantly, I learned that success does not necessarily mean “working hard”, success does not have to be hard. If you “show up”, things will happen. I ask myself daily “Am I showing up?”, and it refocuses my energy. It’s amazing how when you show up in your life, things do happen!

Since doing inner work, have you been able to create more of your ideal version of success?

Yes. I had to redefine what success meant to me, and with that came a strong feeling and vision of success. The feeling was so strong, that it overtook my fear. My ideal version of success focuses around allowing myself to listen to my feelings about the different areas in my life, and how it affects my view of success.

Success is giving my feelings life and doing something about the feeling allowing me to stretch and grow as a woman, a mom, a wife, a daughter and the person I want to be and the life I want.

What had to change in you in order to create more of your ideal version of success?

Me! I had to get out of my own way, I had to find the inner me hiding behind the scared me. I had to focus on the things in my life that were suffering due to me overloading myself with what I thought everyone else wanted me to do, when in reality, I was the one putting the pressure on myself. I had to stop worrying about what everyone else would think about my version of success.

I had to show up for me, and stop hiding behind the what ifs and fears, and let go of doing what was safe because it was comfortable.

My feelings of wanting more out of life and wanting success are real, and I have to give it life. That it’s okay to want more when everyone else around you is okay with safe and comfortable. It feels good to give success life!

Megan Matola

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