Up-Leveling Gratitude

Shifting from a negative mindset to a positive, grateful perspective is the first upgrade that each of us are called to do if you want to feel happier about yourself and life.

If you want to turn up the volume to feeling grateful, find your pleasure!!

Think about it, if you are living from a place of joy, aren’t you demonstrating how grateful you are to be living?!?

Oh yes you are indeed!

Yet, there is a tendency to get confused, lost, or scared in finding your pleasure. Below are two of the most common misconceptions regarding pleasure that can

Pleasure means explosive joy or pee-your-pants fun. There is a tendency to make pleasure this ultimate experience, when pleasure is really a spectrum. Rather than the ego judge if your pleasure is reaching an ultimate high, start by finding what would feel good to you in a given moment.

Pleasure can’t be trusted. Since I am writing this article right after Halloween, I can verify that there is a slippery slope between the pleasure of 1 or 2 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (pleasure!) and 5 of them (sickness!). The ego can easily convince us that more is better, when that isn’t necessarily the case. Sometimes, the contrast of taking things too far is how you learn what truly is pleasurable for you. Other times, if you find yourself going overboard, like I recently did, it is an opportunity to check-in internally.

When I checked in, what I realized is how excited I have felt about the upcoming Courage to Be YOU live event I am hosting. I love this event with all my heart, as the transformations that have occurred in the past are what my soul lives to experience. Because it has meant so much, I’ve been in an output mode. Yet, when I get passionate about my work, I need to be careful, as I can easily lose balance.

The overboard on candy is simply an indicator that my pleasure hasn’t been the priority it needs to go back to being. Rather than distrust pleasure, I see the overboard actions I took, as a signal to make pleasure on the top of my priorities (pattern I’ve been a student of for the last couple of years), rather than at the very end of a never-ending to-do list (the old pattern)

The deal with pleasure is that for most of us it takes time to reclaim. You have to desire the experience of more joy within yourself again and again. In fact, you actually need courage to stake your claim over in the spectrum of pleasure!

Too much of society prides themselves unconsciously on misery and lack. Only you can determine that the days of being the martyr are done. The martyrs are never, ever happy because unknowingly, they are using their martyrdom to define their worth and that will always lead to misery.

The more you allow yourself to receive pleasure, the more you open yourself to receive life.

The more life you receive and experience, the more your heart will explode with gratitude.