[VIDEO] Loving Others as a Gateway to Loving (More of) Yourself

Loving Others as a Gateway to Loving (More of) Yourself

The path to reeeally knowing love is gaining understanding and compassion toward yourself and others. Sometimes that can been pretty hard, especially if someone is driving you crazy!

The tendency is to defend your position. I get it! You want to be seen, understood, and heard.

The problem is the more you defend your point of view, the ability to see another gets more and more difficult.

This is when the walls go up, shame and blame come out, which only strengthening the division. We all know it but it’s worth repeating: Shaming and blaming another never works!

So whether that someone is your partner, child, friend, or parent, I invite you to check out this week’s video that will guide you to use your emotional wisdom to create connection vs division.


Video Michelle Bersell

By leaning in to connect as I share in this video, what you’ll find is that it will build your ability to love, both yourself and others.

The added bonus: Rather than unintentionally push away from what you really want, you are much, much more likely to have your needs met this way!

Here’s to loving life, others, and YOU!